Who is dying for more details on Julia Petit’s collection for MAC? I had the chance to be with her exclusively during the photo shoot for the campaign with her last year, in London, and I can finally share our chat with you and several info on the line. And to start, here it goes – inside scoop! – the image of the campaign!

julia para mac

Amazing right? Below there are several photos of the backstage and our chat – besides more information on the products, you will understand where the idea for the set came from, which is also the general concept of the collection… I can already tell you that you will see like it!

Update: now we also have the first official photo of the products, with two lipsticks, a blush and an eyeshadow duo!

julia produtos

julia 1

How was the invitation to do this collection?
They set up a meeting with me at the office of Petiscos, I thought it was something normal, to talk about media… There were a few MAC girls from abroad present, Edith (brand manager for Brazil), Laís (PR). They started talking about the brand, ambassadors, beauty icons… And then they went: “We wanted to do something with you”. I was so shocked and without reaction that I said “ok” without even changing my facial expression and I don’t know I thought I was about to be caught on candid camera, it didn’t seem real! But it was…
I immediately knew what I wanted to do – since you can do whatever you want, you can go crazy, but I already started focused on what I wanted to bring to people. It had to be resistant to the climate of Brazil, work for this kind of mixed skin we have, and for any skin tone. There is something for wet and dry at the same time – there is a very matte part, the lipsticks are all matte, there are matte eyeshadows, but everything can become glossy if you want, it’s controlled, but there is a glossy option. I wanted to play with textures.

Tell us more about the process?
Then I went to New York to choose the shades. I had sent them a very complete mood board with everything you see here (at the photo shoot, the set with the forest in the city, victoria amazonica…), with my concept of city with tropical climate, the humidity, I also sent a color palette. They said it was all very fast!! Actually, the location of this set even exists in São Paulo – there is a small square at the Burle Marx park where, from there, you see the trees and the buildings on the back, on the Marginal Pinheiros, it’s beautiful.
For the shades I could do anything, since grabbing my favorite products to re-editing, create a shade from scratch, grab an existing one that was never used before… I re-edited the shade of a red lip pencil I loved and was discontinued, but it comes back now as a lipstick! I thought about browns, black, beige… classic shades. I had this desire for versatile shades, nothing too cold or too warm, very neutral, to go well with all the skin tones. The lipsticks and blushes are also like that, made to work with both my skin tone and a darker one. Of course you can wear whatever you want, but I wanted to bring a winning kit!
To play with texture, dry and wet, I created three eyeshadow duos, with a matte one and a very shimmery one, almost wet effect. The shades are not the same, the idea is that both of them complement each other and that you can compose and experiment. Tip: the shimmery eyeshadows are in powder, but to achieve the maximum effect you need to apply them with the fingers. Shimmery eyeshadows don’t like brushes!
And there is an eyeliner in a gunpowder shade with glitter that gives a beautiful effect! The lipsticks are all matte, but I asked for one of those lip glosses with a lid, that are less sticky, but completely transparent and with lots of shine – you can wear it in a lot of ways, on the lips, on the skin… There is also a veeery sparkly illuminator, and to close the lone I asked for the ProLongwear foundation and concealer, which I love and are very long-lasting, waterproof mascara, that I always wear, and a few basic brushes. Ah, and they also made a “signature” version of the Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder/Pressed, my favorite powder! There are 11 products in total.

Yes, tell us about the packing, what did you had in mind?
I went in as a “dreamy girl”, I wanted the MAC classic just with my signature in copper… But I asked for the glossy version, to bring up the wetness idea. I didn’t want anything too elaborate, I didn’t want to interfere more than what I already did by creating the shades… I think the packaging is more perfect!

julia 2
So cute it all happened on her birthday!

What about the makeup you are wearing today, for the campaign?
The makeup is by Val Garland, they created the concept. It’s not good for me to do my literal makeup, the image of the campaign is conceptual, to give the general idea of the collections, and not to show the look you will create with the products! But they didn’t went too far out of my personality also – among the things I sent on the mood board was, for example, and photo of myself that I love with very frizzy hair!

How do you think you will feel when you pass by a shop and see your products?
I think I will die! I think I will have a stroke, really… It’s very nice right? I think I will only believe it when it will be right in front of me… I am very calm so far! They must think I am very blasé hahaha.

What about other people’s reaction?
I hope they will be happy and like it, because the line is easy to use, it’s pretty… I think they will get that the products were made for them… Sometimes we do the things for ourselves right, but I did it really for everyone. We exchange lots of ideas due to the website, the comments never stop, we know what they want, what are their dramas – oily skin, making the makeup last…

What are you all-time favorite MAC products?
Currently it’s the Zoom Waterfast mascara, but I apply it with the brush from the Mineralize mascara! I always go for a waterproof mascara, because my lashes are very stubborn and fall. But I love to swap the brushes, that’s a great trick – you get the brush you love and test it with different formulas! I love the Pro Longwear concealer, the Pressed Pigments, the matte lipsticks, the Prep+Prime that doesn’t come out like flour in photos… the Blush in Warm Soul and the Fluidline in Blacktrack, that I use in lots of different ways, it’s very good…

To end…Tell us 3 beauty tricks you love?
Use that “flat” concealer brush to contour and apply lipstick, it looks better than when done with the traditional lip pencil! I was shocked when today I saw that Val Garland also does it, but she uses an even bigger brush!
Always remember that a lipstick alone can be used in lots of different ways and have several effects! Apply powder on top of it to turn it matte, lipgloss to make it shine, tapped with the fingers for a stain effect…
If you wear glasses and have more evident dark circles, give preference to glasses with a darker frame – this contrast with the skin makes you look more rested!

Julia’s line will be launched on the first half of March at the physical and online MAC stores!

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}

Yay! Today’s Tv Beauté has a very special guest! I took advantage of the fact that I was going to be in São Paulo and filmed with the top/dear/wonderful Celso Kamura – we met several years ago (there is even a curious fact in the middle of the video, that I won’t tell cause we don’t want spoilers!) and loved the opportunity of having him participating in a video for the blog…

Celso shared many great tips, told us all about the new makeup line he just launched, Make It Easy, and even let me looking great like Grazi Massafera (hahahaha #mydream) I hope you enjoy it!!

Products (all Make It Easy by Celso Kamura):

  • BB Cream in Clara
  • Concealer in Natural
  • Blush Illuminate in 4
  • Eyeshadow in Cetim
  • Pigmento Eyeliner
  • Hi! Mascara in Preta
  • Eyebrow Corrector
  • Creamy Matte Lipstick in Drama
  • Lipgloss in 4evermine

Nail Polish in Muse – Jin Soon
Bdba Dress

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}

{Video edition: Renata G. Corrêa}

After 10 (such wonderful) days on vacation in Bahia, I thought it would be nice to share a few beauté things I liked to use there. For starters, the hair accessories:


Context: I am trying to spend some time with chemically straighten my hair, because it was falling too much so I decided to give it some time to breathe. I cannot remember when was the last time I was so long without doing it, my roots are super long, in London I developed a super nice way to tame the beast (hahaha) – I will talk about it in a another post very soon -, but in the beach, as you can imagine, there was no way to do it! I did’t even try to controle it or to do the blow-dry the front + use a curling iron on the tips combo, which is how I like my hair, because it would be a waste of time and work… So I wore a lot of hair accessories, hats, scarfs, embellishments… On the photos above: the hat I bought in a small shop in Italy (Topshop sunglasses), the shawl is by Missoni (Ray Ban sunglasses), the scarf is vintage (Livo sunglasses) and the flower crown I got from my sister as a Christmas present, its brand is Can-Can.

There is a TV Beauté here with tips on how to wear and tie a scarf, but I also filmed a short video on Instagram while in Bahia that you can watch here!

Now the products I loved to use (I didn’t took “just” this, but I decided to choose the ones that, for any reason, stood out the most!)


I like to wear creamy products at the beach, especially blush, bronzer and illuminator. I also like to wear very little makeup on! I swapped the normal foundation for this one that gives a tan, but is very light, Guerlain Terracotta Skin. I loved the new Sisley Illusion d’Eté, a bronzer with a thin consistency and in that cream-powder hybrid style, you can apply it with the fingers and it looks very natural, and for blush I took 3 creamy and pink ones: one by Make Up For Ever, one by Chanel and one by Nars in a stick. From Nars I also brought the illuminator in Copabana and, to finish the skin, a light concealer YSL Touche Éclat.
For the eyes I especially loved to go for a blue eyeliner with It Line and blue lashes with It Lash, both by Dior – it’s subtle, but it gives a very pretty and summery effect. And for the lips, my two favorites from this trip were the pinky gloss-lipstick Smashbox Be Legendary Lip Lacquer in Pout, for the night, and the Dior Addict Lip Glow balm, one of my new additions! It leaves the lips slightly pink and moisturizes super well.

It’s good to have a mix of firming moisturizers, to give that boost to your body, and other ones very nutritious to use after taking sun. I confess I forgot to bring an after-sun, but I used a lot this HealGel Body I bought in London, that is light but potent! Another lifesaver for more dry/damaged areas is Lucas Papaw Ointment, that I also used as a lip balm. As an enhancer product I really liked Valmari Corpore Creme Triple Action, that I brought to test at the beach, and the lifelong love Legology Air-Lite (I spoke about ithere). And the This Works Skin Deep Golden Elixir, is a great hybrid between a treatment and an enhancer, since it has golden particles that illuminate the skin.

Aesop product trio to cleanse, tone and moisturize that I am loving – Fabulous Face Oil (this year I will write the post about my love for facial oils, I promise! Hahaha), Amazing Face Cleanser and Bitter Orange Astringent Toner, the last two indicated for oilier skin and my choices to balance out the skin during Summer. And, of course, my always so loved thermal water by LaRoche Posay!

Another very important category: the chosen products for the traditional pre-NYE beauté day! I’ve said here that the name of the blog came up by te time me and my friends did, still very young, a beautifier ritual on the 31st of January to start well the new year! And I keep this tradition until today, of course.

On the face I did a scrub + clay mask also with two Aesop products, Purifying Facial and Parsley Seed Cleansing Mask,to leave the skin very smooth, and while I let it work I used these Eyeko Hydrogel eye patches. On the body I used 3 products to leave the skin a bit more tanned (as far as possible, lol) and very illuminated: Prtty Peaushun (I spoke about it here), which is a cream, The Body Shop Honey Bronze, which is an oil, and Benefit Bathina, which is a balm that only illuminates, but without the shimmer particles like the other two.

Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset
I couldn’t leave my sunscreen beauty bag out, of course!! ! People I don’t use all of this at the same time, but I think it’s always good to bring because there is a husband, my parents, brother and sister, friends that sometimes asked to borrow!! In any way, my thoughts are: the strongest on the face and décolletage, always, and on the body I start with the strong ones and eventually, if I stay for a few days and get some color, I start decreasing, I end up using a SPF 15 on the legs and arms, for example.

Heliocare SPF 90
Roc Minesol SPF 30, 40 and 80
Avène Stick for sensitive areas SPF 50

Neutrogena Sun Fresh SPF 60 (I had also a SPF 30 that didn’t make it to the photo)
Sol de Janeiro Posto Protect Starfruit Sunscreen Spray SPF 30
Lancaster Sun Beauty Silky Milk SPF 15
Soleil des Iles Huile au Monoi SPF 15
+ Protective Spray Kérastase Soleil

And to end the post, I share three photos of beautiful landscapes from the trip… Espelho Beach, the view from the house we rented at the Outeiro das Brisas condo and the view from the walk we did from Espelho to Caraíva – three hours walking, but it’s totally worth it! You just need to keep re-applying the sunscreen hahaha




Paradise ♥♥♥

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}

I loved Kate Bosworth’s new haircut! It looks super charming this length




461504532I feel like running to the salon to copy it!

And this way of wearing the hair parted on the side is cute right? I’ve seen lots of cool girls wearing their hair like this, it’s nice that even loose it already gives a special touch (remember Sienna Miller at the Golden Globes on Sunday?)

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}

The lively season of red carpets in Holywood started yesterday with the Golden Globes in LA! Here, my favorites from the night with makeup and hairstyles to inspire (and the photos that get huge if you click on them, like usual!)

emmaI always love Emma Stone! This hair is total desire – the cut, the waves, the color…

emma stoneBeautiful makeup also, navy blue smokey eye with glitter and pink lipstick

keira golden globesKeira Knightley had a very soft and feminine look that I found beautiful! Makeup in shades of brown and pink, all very diffuse, and the hair halfway up in a charming way with a twisted front

sienna 2Sienna Miller was super cool with this short hairstyle and soft waves texture + parted on the side with a little volume

siennaHere you can see the makeup better, also soft in shades of gold (done by Charlotte Tilbury, she told which products she used here)

jennifer lopezJennifer Lopez is not a fan of a soft makeup, but I also l oved her look for the Golden Globes, one of my favorites – gorgeous smokey eye in purple and black, nude lipstick and bold loose hair with lots of drama and volume

jessicaJessica Chastain always follows the old Holywood line – and she always gets it right, in my opinion. Yesterday the hair parted on the side with waves falling over one shoulder had a detail on the charming wave on the forehead + makeup with a classic smokey eye in shades of gold

allisonAllison Williams always has classic and beautiful smokey eyes also, and for the hair she had a structured and asymmetric loose that was very interesting

amy adamsAnother red head with loose hair, Amy Adams went for a less “vintage” finish, with more relaxed waves

diane krugerDiane Kruger is one of my makeup muses, I loved the delicate brown with a very illuminated internal corner of the eye. The hair was also a variation of the loose with waves styles, but all combed back

felicityFelicity Jones’ makeup slightly matched the color of her dress, smokey eye with a blue touch and beige eye pencil on the waterline to brighten the eyes. I loved the hair tied in a very well behaved low bun, and the front is an inspiration for the ones who have bangs and want an updo

felicity 2
Detail of Felicity’s bun

emilyEmily Blunt had another updo I loved, more boho with braids on the side. As for makeup, a brown smokey eye, bold false lashes and very defined brows

emily 2
Detail of Emily’s braid

lupitaLupita Nyong’o is another one who loves to match the color of the dress with the makeup – I spoke about this on the blog, there is no rule of taboo, it ’s worth doing it, not doing it…! She had a pink smokey eye with a touch of blue close to the bott om lashes + loose hair

julianneJulianne Moore always kills it when it comes to makeup – black on the contour and lots of lashes to fully highlight the eyes, but soft on the rest. I must say I didn’t love the hair, but so what right? Hahaha

kate beckinsaleKate Beckinsale had a high bun that in some photos seemed to have a weird shape, but I liked it in the one so I decided to post it! After all, I love a full high bun like this… Golden makeup and illuminated skin

Which ones were your favorites?

(Photos: Getty Images)

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}

Happy New Year people!!!! I said I was going a “bit” M.I.A., but I went totally M.I.A. right? Hehehe I went to Bahia on vacation and decided to not even take my laptop, I can’t even remember the last time I did something like it… But I lot to say it was good, I was able to disconnect for real, relax and really enjoy.

But now I’m back, and with the so promised TV Beauté crazy for foundation! I hope you enjoy it – and that you have an illuminated 2015, in all ways ;)


  • HD in 117 – Make Up For Ever
  • Aqua Foundation in PK-1 – Koh Gen Do
  • Liquid Halo in 1 – Smashbox
  • Maestro in 6.5 – Armani
  • Face Fabric in 2 – Armani
  • Sheer and Perfect in I20 – Shiseido
  • Face and Body in N2 – MAC
  • Luminous Silk in 6 – Armani
  • Double Wear Light in intensity 2.0 – Estée Lauder
  • Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer in Alaska – Nars
  • Lingerie de Peau BB Cream in light – Guerlain
  • Dream Fresh BB Cream in medium – Maybelline
  • Camera Ready BB Cream in fair – Smashbox
  • Big Easy in 2 light – Benefit
  • BB Cream in clara – Make It Easy Celso Kamura
  • Teint Miracle in 2 – Lancôme
  • Le Teint Touche Éclat in BR 20 – Yves Saint Laurent
  • Perfection Lumière 12 in Beige Rose – Chanel
  • Star in 020 – Dior
  • Forever in 020 – Dior
  • Genius Gel in 38 Beige Deep – Marc Jacobs
  • Traceless Foundation in Pale Dune – Tom Ford
  • Fusion Ink in B20 – Yves Saint Laurent

Everything like in the festive makeup video!!! Follow the link here


bases 2

And here all the posts I wrote about foundation recently on the blog:
Foundations for oily skin
Light foundations
Versatile and festive foundations

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}

{Video edition: Renata G. Corrêa}

And here is the vlog from Victoria’s Secret backstage + fashion show! People, I think I am not very good at vlogging yet hahaha, not to mention that the camera’s battery died, so I didn’t havea proper ending… Who knows if in 2015 I get better at this, right! But I hope you enjoy watching a bit of this fashion show that is more like a real show than anything else – it was asuper nice experience!

I don’t even need to mention that the blog is already in a vacation rhythm right? These past weeks were busy, and now I am in Brazil to spend Christmas with my family and then 10 days in Bahia… I can hardly wait! I really could use a few days offline, so the schedule here will be slow, but I am full of plans for 2015 and anxious to share them with you!

I wish you all a beautiful Christmas and a new year full or happiness! Thank you for your company during 2014 ;)))

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}

{Video edition: Renata G. Corrêa}

And the second TV Beauté for the “end of year special” week is here! An idea for a festive makeup veeery lluminated, as if it was a light smokey eye, eyeliner and fase lashes. And festive skin, of course!

I got the inspiration from a makeup that Kendall Jenner wore recently (I posted it here) and I loved the result… It’s a nice idea to get away from the usual dark smokey eye, it highlights the eyes and it’s pretty versatile – I wore it with a light lipstick, but it looks great combined with a bright lipstick at night (or during the day, for a more festive occasion). You can also add more shimmer (ALWAYS!) on top if you want… I did it thinking about the end of year parties, Christmas, NYE etc, but it is a great makeup for wedding during the day and even for brides. I hope you enjoy it!

(and remember to subscribe to the DDB channel on YouTube, so you get notified when the video is published – yesterday, in this case! I was “in transit” coming back from a trip and was only able to post it here now)

More photos below!

Festive skin::

  • Primer Porefessional – Benefit
  • Primer That Gal – Benefit
  • The Celestial Skin in Candlelight – Kevyn Aucoin
  • Base Star in 020 – Dior
  • Buffing Brush – Real Techniques
  • Concealer in Ivory – Clé de Peau
  • Bronzer Matte 1 – Nyx
  • Powder Brush – Real Techniques
  • The Sculpting Powder in Medium – Kevyn Aucoin
  • 156 brush – Make Up For Ever
  • Blush in Margin – MAC
  • 168 brush – MAC
  • Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle – MAC
  • F64 brush – Sigma
  • Light Reflecting Setting Loose Powder – Nars
  • Setting Brush – Real Techniques
  • Concealer Studio Finish in NC20 – MAC
  • Pointed Foundation Brush – Real Techniques
  • Homeoplasmine

Olho festivo:

  • Limitless 15 Hour Wear Cream Shadow in Topaz – Smashbox
  • Eye Shadow in Kid – MAC
  • E38 brush – Sigma
  • ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in Nude – Rimmel
  • Eye Shadow in Retrospeck – MAC
  • E57 brush – Sigma
  • Eyeshadow in Suspect (Naked 2) – Urban Decay
  • Eyelash Curler – MAC
  • Eyeliner in gel – Marina Smith
  • E05 brush – Sigma
  • Pigment in Vanilla – MAC
  • E34 brush – Sigma
  • Falsies Flare Mascara – Maybelline
  • Lash Wardrobe – Eyeko
  • Pencil Lip Gloss in 07 – Kiko Milano
  • Brow Lift – Charlotte Tilbury

La Laque Couture Nail Polish in Rose Abstrait – YSL
Topshop and Camila Eduarda Rings
Vintage necklace
Zara Blouse

No flash…
sem flash

And with flash!
com flash

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}

{Video edition: Renata G. Corrêa}