Compre aqui!

Simplicidade, praticidade, leveza. Produtos para a vida real.

Compre aqui!

Simplicidade, praticidade, leveza. Produtos para a vida real.

Compre aqui!

Simplicidade, praticidade, leveza. Produtos para a vida real.

Compre aqui!

Simplicidade, praticidade, leveza. Produtos para a vida real.

Diary: 2 weeks in São Paulo


By the end of March I went to São Paulo for two weeks, and the main reason for this trip couldn’t be better: my sister’s wedding! But besides that there was a super intense program of events and appointments, starting with another wedding of some dear friends, on the weekend before, and finishing with amfAR’s Inspiration Gala. I varied so much in makeup, hairstyles and nails during these days, and saw so many nice things, that I decided to write a post in form of a diary to share with you – let me know if you like it! (I took some days to be able to finish and it is huge! Oops)

2 semanas em SP
A summary of the two weeks: amfAR, sister’s wedding, one of the hairstyles I did at Proença’s, eyeshadow palette from Nars, loving my dogs and one of the 4(!) nail polishes I wore during this time!

I got back in London on Saturday and went practically straight from the airport to Proença’s – with a quick stop at home to say hi to the family and the dogs… It is very fun to go to São Paulo and stay as a “guest” at my parents’! For the wedding, I asked Proença to do a bun I find super nice to repeat – neither high nor low, full (he used extensions!), with the front parted on the middle and a bit of volume on the back. I ended up arriving home too close to the time I should leave and did my makeup on the run, didn’t even took a good photo of the end result… But I did a basic smokey eye with brown and copper eyeshadows and the outline in black. The wedding was amazing, and it was incredible to see several friends!

casorio amigos
Ready for the wedding with my go-to bun, rushed makeup, Bless Couture dress and Erickson Beamon earrings

The week started with the shooting of a super nice project for DDB with Roc – I cannot tell any details yet, but there was even a trip to the lab, one of the things I love doing the most (and what do you think of the customized lad coat they did for me? Awesome!). Before the first shooting I went to Proença to get ready, so that I looked cute in the video, I did some curls and even had my makeup done, with the dear Nadia Tambasco. People, I was totally spoiled during this trip when it comes to “getting ready”… I just wanted to get ready in the salon hahaha I think I was missing these perks of SP right? It was good for me to vary the hairstyles on a professional level hahaha! Not to mention the fun I had changing the nail polish – more on that by the end of the post

Look 1 shooting (curls and makeup with eyeliner + brown eyeshadows + MAC lipstick in Hue), messing around at Roc’s lab and a part of Nadia’s dreamy beauty vanity

Day 2 of shooting for Roc, this time at Helena Bordon’s – and once again I go to Proença’s! #opportunities. This time, Nadia did a makeup more smudge and illuminated, without any defined lines, and Pro tied my hair (from the previous day, which is great for hairstyles) in a very messy bun with a messy front as well, inspired in photos of Alexa Chung. I loooved this hairstyle and next time I am in SP I will make a video with it to (try to) learn how it’s done.

roc 2
The hairstyle, and the makeup and the back stage of the shooting with Heleninha (notice Chuck, the dog, on the end of the couch, cute!)

Wednesday was a day full of meetings at Vogue – since I now work from home, in London, it is great to be able to discuss the beauty section “live and in color” with Dani Falcão and Lu Souza, my editor partner that is in SP and with whom I exchange around 800 emails per day (haha). After we went for a Vogue + Dior lunch at the Shopping Cidade Jardim, and there let’s open brackets for a little adventure: on the way to lunch, I decided to “reactivate” my ear piercing holes to be able to use the Tribal earrings by Dior, the one with two spheres and that is “inverted”, with the screw on the front… I love these earrings, I got them in pink from the girls at Dior and it is the most beautiful thing, and there isn’t a way to turn them into clip-on earrings! My ears are very annoying and get irritated easily, so it’s been a while since I totally gave up on pierced earrings and only wear clip-on ones – most of my earrings are vintage and already come like that, otherwise I adapt them! Well, it worked out, I used the Tribal earrings all day long and of course I spent the rest of the week with my ears hurting hahaha! Silly right…

With Lu, my partner at Vogue (and her marvelous iPhone cover, like a Chanel N.5? Loved it) and with the re-pierced ear

Next day, another adventure: shooting of #camievic at Lu Zaidan’s kitchen! Lots of fun, I posted the video here. Now I need to find a meat grinder to make the recipe here in London hehehe. After that I had lunch with my grandmother Nena, that also deserves some brackets: besides having an Instagram account, she wrote a book of chronics for friends and family that is now starting to be shared in a blog – A velhice é uma merda (Getting old sucks), for the ones who want t read it!!! By the name you can already notice that she is the great. Then I went to a few more meetings and ended up the day at Pat Bo’s fashion show at JK

cozinha e pat
In the kitchen with Lu Zaidan and in the back stage with Patricia Bonaldi

One thing I took advantage to do on this trip to SP was to set up several meetings with PR friends, to update myself on the brands novelties – like the Mate Veludo lipsticks by Quem disse, Berenice?, the delicious box I got from Smashbox (the Liquid Halo foundation is awesome), the 15 neutral eyeshadows palette by MAC – there are the cool and the warm versions, they are already in stores -, the gorgeous Spring colors by Nars (including the new Matte Multiples, matte version of the multi-use stick)…

novidades 1

… and I also got a few nice things at home: several kinds of Equaliv, including this new Nutri Mulher (I think I will try it, it states it helps even during PMS #needed), top coat insta-dri by Sally Hansen, new brushes by Océane, CC Cream by Clinique, dark spot serum by Skinceuticals and the Winter makeup collection by Natura Una – this eyeshadow trio really is something!!! My mom wore it and it was beautiful, I will later show it in action

novidades 2

I will speak about them here and there, as I am wearing them!

Well, time to go to Rio at last for my sister Luiza’s wedding!! Gui, the groom, and her, will actually do three weddings – this one was the first, the next two are in June (I also did two weddings, remember There is a post here and here telling more about it, cannot believe it’s been almost 3 years…). Theirs is the same kind as mine, one day for the parents’ friends, another day for the couple’s friend, but with an extra day because the groom is from Rio de Janeiro! And it was the religious one, so beautiful…! Not to mention that I could enjoy a whole weekend in Rio with several wedding activities, totally delicious

IMG_0046 IMG_0080
Family! Oh it’s nice to know there will be more hahaha I miss it already just by looking at these photos…

Of course that with all the rush I didn’t eveeen think about taking a photo of my makeup of my sister’s, done by me. And she did her own hair hehehe. But it was all very simple and soft, because the ceremony was during the day and followed up by a lunch. My dress is by Cris Barros, I loved it so much I didn’t want to take it off ever again hahaha

Back to SP…


The second week in São Paulo was also heavy – SPFW was happening, but I had already scheduled several meetings without knowing it! So I only managed to go to a few shows and no back stages, unfortunately. But I managed to see foxy muse Gisele at Colcci! And also to meet several people through the corridors and at Vogue’s lounge, which is always great. And then the week ended with amfAR’s Inspiration Gala, an event I really admire because for years they’ve been promoting auctions and beneficent parties all over the world to collect funds to fight AIDS. It is a huge party, severe foreign celebrities attend (this year they had Sharon Stone, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell and a Mary J. Blige show, to name a few!), and of course everyone elaborates their look a bit more…

So, there I went to Proença’s again hehehe


We took the chance to make a video of the makeup with Nadia and the hair with Proença – as soon as it is ready I will post it here! I went like this:


Amazing dress by Patricia Bonaldi (I loved it so much I didn’t want to take it off ever again #2), minimalist hair because the dress was already pure vivacity, and also a minimalist makeup with neutral smokey eye and false eyelashes, and a beautifuuul not too dark wine lipstick. It is the Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Damned, by Nars. Since I didn’t have it at home, I took Diva by MAC to retouch – it’s not identical, but it fits for the role!

And that’s it!!! The day after I returned to London, but I didn’t even left the airport and already went on a trip throughout the outlets as I mentioned on the other post… and it will be definitely for another post, because this one is simply gigantic! But before I go, the nails:

unhas4 nail polishes in 2 weeks – I took advantages of the fact that I went to the salon so many times to change it! I wanted to do my own nails and vary more in “real life”, but I’m not patient enough…

They were:

  • Miss Fancy Pants by Essie – neutral grey, almost nude
  • Fuchsia Cubiste by YSL – beautifuuul pink
  • Beige Leger by YSL – nude like Barbie’s nails, but in my ghost hands it looks a bit darker
  • Sheer Delight by Cheeky – good girl pink from an English brand (I showed other ones like this in this post, I love it!)

I ended up not going crazy over the colors because I had weddings and galas to attend along the way, so I rather go with more neutral nails! But now that I am back in London I am excited to go for more vibrant colors and celebrate the arrival of Summer hehehe

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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