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Produtos para a vida real.

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Emma Stone in: 1 woman, 10 versions


It’s not in vain that Emma Stone is one of Dia de Beauté’s muses: only a few women can change their look as much (and keep their personality!) as she can. Therefore, the fact that she has been doing a promo tour for The Amazing Spider-Man is pure joy!

I separated 10 moments of Emma to inspire you and, on for the end of the post, I wrote a summary with simple ideas for you to also change your look – even if you’re not on a promo tour for a Hollywood movie… it’s always a fun exercise!

483806809This one was my favorite of all 10: I loved the contrast of the fuchsia lipstick with the yellow dress (and her red hair). The lipstick is the Rouge Allure Velvet in Rayonnante by Chanel – according to Rachel Goodwin, the makeup artist responsible for the tour looks, on her Instagram

483842553The old Hollywood curls are also perfect, and the rest of the makeup is pretty soft, only with false eyelashes on the external corner of the eye and perfect skin and brows

481699755For one of the most relaxed occasions of the tour, loose hair with a natural texture and tied on one side only with a fishtail braid. Very cute this look right?

481699701As for the makeup, warm brown (I would say almost bordeaux) eye pencil close to the bottom lashes

483493331Totally straight hair and classic makeup, with a light smokey eye in neutral shades, lots os mascara (it’s rare seeing so much mascara, a bit thicker, on the red carpet nowadays right? I love it)

Gorgeous in a bold red lipstick! This one, according to the makeup artist Rachel, is the Rouge Allure Velvet in La Fascinante (the same that January Jones wore in that photo I posted here, remember? It’s not a coincidence, it was the same makeup artist…). More highlighted brows and tied hair with loose fringe making an almost graphic wave on the end. And it seems like she has a light texture on the eyelid, was it a gloss? Or just a nude glittery eyeshadow?

484785057Another super cute hairstyle, I fell in love with it! Loose with waves and a thin braid on the front, so easy to copy. More highlighted eyes, with eyeliner, as the cheeks

480961117Once again the super straight hair, just with more volume and more movement on the fringe and it also seems to fall more over one eye, so it’s different comparing to the first straight hair. The eyes seem to have a green eyeshadow, too bad the photo is not very clear! But it’s another color contrast, green for the makeup and pink for the dress

484919251The fringe is still loose falling over one eye, but the hair here is tied up – and the makeup is a simple day-to-day option

484824431Another look I loved – hair with a wavy texture but tied in a low bun and dramatic makeup with silver eyeshadow up to the brow! Very beautiful

Too bad that the photo is not better, but you can have an idea of the effect of the makeup…

emmaFor the premiere in Berlin, veeery tight curls, with the hair parted on the side and the fringe tied with a bobby pin + makeup with blue eyeshadow applied like a watercolor, not very highlighted and evident

450082747And to end… on the early days of the Spider-Man events, when she was still blond! I love chameleon Emma. I actually chose this photo because I found her waves very cute, in that style “I actually didn’t do anything” that we try, try and is so hard to achieve!



. Alternate between loose and tied up hair
. Alternate the textures: one day super straight, another day with well done curls, another day with more relaxed and messy curls (maybe due to a hair whorl?), it’s a suuuper easy way to change, even if you wear it loose everyday – part it on the middle, then to a side but very sleek, then to the side but messier… There is a post about it here.
. Alternate between high and low updos
. Incorporate braids and twisted (can be only a few locks, not all the hair), beside the always welcome hair accessories


. Alternate between highlighting the eyes and the lips
And from there…
. Vary the color of the bright lipsticks (nothing easier come on!!)
. Vary between matte and glossy textures
. Smokey eye on one day, graphic lines on the other
. Think about wider eyeshadows, filling the whole eye, crease and etc versus more defined contour
. Play a bit and apply the makeup only close to the bottom eyelashes, leaving the rest of the eye looking natural
. Swap the black and the brown for colorful neutral shades, like navy blue, moss green, wine, grey
. Alternate between matte and glittery also for the eyes
. Remember to sometimes makeup also the brows, reinforcing and elongating them
. Illuminate well the internal corner of the eye
. Dare to use a different color
. Play with different eyelashes “intensities”, applying more or less mascara
There is also the skin…
. Vary the shades of blush and make it show more or less
. Do a more highlighted contour
. Illuminate the temples
. Alternate between a lighter and heavier foundation coverage

(Photos: Getty Images)

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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