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Produtos para a vida real.

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What: Lip Balm Rêve de Miel
Brand: Nuxe
Why: It is one of my favourite lip balms – and I have lots of them!! I love the texture, thicker and “powerful”, and the fragrance is delicious. To be honest, I like the fragrances of Nuxe in general – I have the hand cream from this line Rêve de Miel, veery good, and how not to mention Huile Prodigieuse, possibly the most famous product of the brand and for which I am almost obsessed! It’s one of those I always buy again when it’s over… (the factor re-purchase is for me like a thermometer for the “favourites for life”). I chose this Nuxe product for this edition of Loving right now also because the brand will come to Brazil (yay!!).


What: Manteiga corporal King of Skin
Brand: Lush
Why: Another brand that will come to Brazil soon! Better saying, that returns… Lush was around some time ago, but it closed and now they will relaunch – the first store opens until the end of the first semester, and with a Spa like in the UK. I even went to check the one in Kings Road here in London and liked it a lot, it follows the philosophy of the super natural, vegan and “fresh” products from the brand (so much that some things even need to be kept in the fridge), and it has a very homey and inviting vibe – the decoration is super cute (here on their website there is a virtual tour through the reception area, for the ones who got interested hehe). A product I totally included in my daily routine is this King of Skin body butter, that the PR Manager from London recommended to me when I commented about my eternal laziness to put on body lotion. It works as the bath moisturisers or oils, but I thought it was a bit more powerful. You leave it in the shower and, after the bath, before drying your skin, you rub it in your whole body – it’s like a soap bar, but it melts with the heat of the skin, you can smear it a bit, and then when you towel off you end up taking off the excess and getting a hydration on the right measure.


What: No Frizz Conditioner
Brand: Living Proof
Why: Since my hair is very temperamental, and sometimes is terrible and other times is great without any apparent reasons, even if I repeat the same “recipe” of shampoo + conditioner or mask + leave in, it takes me foreeever to atribute the good days to a specific product I used. Does this make any sense? You can see the hair theme is kind of complex to me, that’s why I don’t speak much about it here in the blog… But anyway, I must say that the conditioner No Frizz from Living Proof won my heart. I bought the miniature version at Sephora in NY to test and well, basically every times I use it my hair gets superstraight. Note that I used to take it in trips, being mini, so I thought the reason for the tamed mane was the local climate, the local water, the what not hahah but not the conditioner! Now I am gonna buy the normal version and check if the effect lasts, or if ends up in one of those dramas when the hair gets used to it… What I notice, after all: besides the hydration and the softness that are easier to get with other products that I like, my hair get quieter in general, easier to style with the hairdryer and with less frizz. Living Proof is not available in Brazil, but you can find it in the American Sephora’s and in the Space NK’s in London (here you find a complete list of stores). And for the ones who are interested in the technological part of the products, it’s worth peeking in the brand’s website – they are super “science” and have won several awards.

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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