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In flight essential: hydrating with Clinique’s Moisture Surge range


I love flying (which is great, considering I’m basically on a plane every week), but there’s one thing I definitely do not love about the experience: how bad it is for your skin. Blame the terribly dry cabin air that dehydrates and leaves skin looking dull, flaky and basically very sad. If you have oily skin it can also get worse, as we know oily does not equal moisturised, and the skin’s defence mechanism is to produce more oil if it gets too dehydrated. (Not so) fun fact: the humidity inside the plane is lower than in the desert.

So I’m very careful with my pre, during and after skincare routine, to counteract these bad effects caused by the “mean” air. The nice people at Clinique, knowing this, invited me to try an express treatment in the airport before my last trip from São Paulo to London, using the Moisture Surge range and its quenching products.

I’ve been a fan of this range for a long time, especially the Moisture Surge Face Spray (here), which I always wanted to have in a mini version to bring on the plane – and finally got it on a travel exclusive set, along the Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief (original size) (here) and All About Eyes Serum (here), another old favourite of mine. The set is called All About Moisture and costs £42.

At the airport counter, I’ve met with the brand’s Isabela who shared some very nice tips with me on how to use the products on the plane. The highlights:

. The Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief has a very light gel texture and double action: it immediate quenches the skin more superficial layer and penetrates deeper to hydrate for 24h.

. You can apply a thicker layer of the moisturiser for an express 5-minute mask, then rub the remaining product doing a face massage

. Get a tiny bit of product on the palms of your hands and use it on your hair length to smooth away frizz

. Dab the moisturiser on another dry body areas such as cuticles, elbows and knees

Then Isabela gave me a mini facial, cleansing and applying the Moisture Surge products so I could board with my skin prepped. During the flight, I used the face spray for extra hydration and reapplied the moisturiser midway through, and landed in London with visibly glowy and happy skin.

Thank you Clinique for the experience!


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