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Produtos para a vida real.

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Godess Gisele and Chanel N. 5


I  believe  many  of  you  must  have  already  watched  the  new Chanel  N.  5  video  with  Gisele Bündchen but… there was not a way I wouldn’t share it here, I thought it was really good! It’s called The One That I Want, it was directed by  Baz Luhrmann (aka Moulin Rouge and Great Gatsby – love it) and it’s Gisele’s debut as N. 5 ambassador – foooxy.

I  love  when  perfume  brands  launch  incredible  campaigns,  with  super  productions  done  by award-winning film directors… Let’s say it gives a charm right? I’ve already showed some of my favorites in this post, it’s worth taking a look if you like it too!

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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