Simplicidade, praticidade, leveza. Produtos para a vida real.

Produtos para a vida real.

Compre aqui!

Short with emotion


And how wonderful  is Jennifer Lawrence’s hair?? It’s not news that she kills  it showing that short hair doesn’t need to look always the same… (I wrote a post here with examples of when it was really short). In a premiere that took place yesterday (in London, a shame we didn’t meet hahaha #damn), she showed up with it in a growing stage, but parted on the side, with longer fringe and texturized waves, full of style


I love Jennifer and her inspiring hairstyles and makeups!

And taking advantage of the subject inspiration… I need to comment here also how excited I am with  the  Instagram @ddbinspira,  that  already  made  it  past  the  50  thousand  followers *surprisedemoji*. I am loooving to post there, choose the photos, read the comments, I think it’s another way to expanse the Dia de Beauté idea and to bring a bit of beauty and inspiration to you on a daily basis… I am very happy to fulfill a plan (one of many) that was for SO long inside my head!

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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