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My nude lipsticks: all time favorites and the ones I´m loving right now


I have a certain love for nude lipsticks… Can you tell?

batons nude

Definitely, the erased lips look is an old obsession of mine, and I’ve been collecting lipsticks in these shades along the years – but I never get tired of finding new ones!! It’s the eternal unsatisfied heart of the girl crazy for makeup heheh

I decided to write this post to show a few that recently made it into my collection, but I also took the chance to photograph some of my all time favorites, since you always ask for tips regarding nude lipsticks! Fact: if you see me in any photo with nude/erased lips, the lipstick I am wearing is here in this post

nudes novos

These are the new lipsticks I am loving right now, and something I would say they have in common is the fact that they are not so “dead lips” as are most of my all time favorite ones. I don’t know, at a certain moment I started to want more neutral nudes to wear with a dramatic smokey eye without getting so… conceptional, modern, I don’t know how to define it haha. But since I am too pale, it’s not that easy to find this middle term, because most normal nudes I find too dark for myself. I comments here, but I don’t like it so much when my lips are “in the middle of the way”, I think I look weird! I like it more when it erases the lips (even if it’s not like… a dead person’s lips) or when it it veeery strong dark vibrant.

But anyway, all these worked out fine:

  • Rouge d’Armani Sheers in 514 – Giorgio Armani
  • Nude Kate – Charlotte Tilbury
  • Pure Color Envy in Desirable – Estée Lauder
  • Color Sensational in 710 Sultry Sand – Maybelline
  • Luscious Cream in 500 – Kiko
  • Mate Veludo Lipstick in Rosibela – Quem disse, Berenice?

Look at the shades with and without flash:

novos 1

Of all these, the lightest is without any doubts the one by Maybelline, part of a collection of nudes with severaaal shades, I loved it! I bought it in London at Superdrug, super friendly price. Charlotte Tilbury’s one I have been wearing and loving a lot, it is super right both in color as in texture, more on the matte side (and the name, Nude Kate? It’s because it was created as an homage to Kate Moss, Charlotte’s faithful client !). The one by Kiko was a find, friendly price and since it’s also more matte, lasts a long time. The one by Berenice is from the Mate Veludo collection, I loved this texture because it falls also under the matte section, but it’s not too dry – its shade is the pinkest of this selection together with the one from Estée Lauder, part of a recently launched line, creamier and more comfortable. The one by Armani, the first on the line, is also very creamy, but with a more sheer coverage, so it lasts way less, but it looks super cute (it’s one of those that is good for the ones who don’t like lipstick!).
Among the novelties I need to give a honorable mention to Lip Maestro do Armani in 500 – although I find it too dark for me, it became the favorite nude of several friends that bought it because I recommended!
And now the all time favorites:

nudes antigos

All of them more like “erased lips”, with varied textures – from the very creamy to the very matte, passing through the liquid that dries matte and the lip pencil! If you search for the names of these lipsticks, you will certainly find posts with photos of me wearing them

  • Invisible Nude – Eudora Soul
  • Mineralize in Luxe Naturale – MAC
  • Myth – MAC
  • Fleshpot – MAC
  • Hue – MAC
  • Nuden – Quem disse, Berenice?
  • Pure Matte in Madère – Nars
  • Pretty Amazing in Free Will – bareMinerals
  • High Pigment Pencil in Madeira – Bite Beauty

Shades with and without flash:


Some of the, like Fleshpost by MAC, are old time loved really, that I wear (not the same one, worth saying it!) for more than 10 years already. It is from MAC Pro, so a bit harder to find, but Myth is a good substitute, a bit more peachy. Hue is the one you are already tired of hearing me mention, but for any weird reason I end up loosing mine all the time… This one I got from Nadia Tambasco one of these days in SP< you can see how the shape is different from all the other right? The other one by MAC is from the line Mineralize, creamier, I like it a lot. Both Nuden as Invisible Nude are excellent Brazilian options and with a friendly price. Madère is one of my oldest favorite ones too, super erasing and matte – you need to apply it with a light hand! And, to end, the liquid one by bareMinerals that I love to wear with night makeup looks (it is more neutral like the first ones on this post) and the pencil version by Bite, an American organic brand, that is also less erasing.

It is worth to remind you that the creamier the lipstick, the less long lasting it will be (this does not apply to the liquid ones cause they dry and last!), but I never find it an issue to reapply, to be honest… And it is worth reminding you also that, when you lack an erasing-nude lipstick, the concealer can substitute it if used “pure” with lip balm or mixed with a color to lighten it!

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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