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Produtos para a vida real.

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Lupita ans Rihanna looking beautiful at the MTV Movie Awards


Lupita Nyong’o keeps rocking her makeups for the red carpets – I loved the silver eye she wore yesterday at the MTV Movie Awards!

lupita1It was applied on the whole eyelid until the crease and in a more graphic shape, not smudged, and it was combined with a cat eyeliner. On the internal corner and close to the lashes there has a lighter and more sparkly silver, and pink blush and lipstick complemented the makeup

lupita2From another angle and under a different light… Maybe this lighter and more sparkly part was done with the same eyeshadow, but with a silver pigment on top! And here in this video that Lupita posted on Instagram, you can see the gorgeous effect of the makeup

rihanna1I also loved Rihanna, with a simple and marvelous makeup that enriches any face – light eyeshadow illuminating the eyelid, a darker shade, but not too dark, on the external corner, not too evident eyeliner and fake lashes on the external corner also, to make the cat eye. The hair with curls framing her face was wonderful

rihanna2Close up on RiRi. Beautiful lipstick right, I think it must be the Nude from her collection with MAC

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{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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