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Produtos para a vida real.

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Express inspiration: eye pencil… only on the waterline!


For a long time, wearing eye pencil only on the waterline was considered an outdated look. But who knew that, in a “time passes by, things change” way, thanks to the return of the grunge and the 90s, the said eye pencil only on the waterline would be cool again?

Ok, it’s not that you couldn’t wear it and now you-must-wear-it-no-matter-what, but I love trends and fashion movements exactly because they renovate ideas, they make something “outdated” seem desirable again. If you already wore it anyway, great, you became super trendy, if you didn’t, why not to try? I found this makeup on the cover of the November edition of Vogue Italia super inspiring

vogue it novembro

Actually, the makeups on the covers of Vogue Italia, signed by the muse diva Pat McGrath, are always a super “hot trend seal”

This one is easy to copy humm! I showed some time ago my black eye pencils here, for the ones who want to compare options.

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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