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2 eyeliners I am loving right now


I love eyeliners – I think that, of all the makeups one can do, the “line” on the eye is really my favorite… although it is a pretty difficult choice!


And I am super in love with these two eyeliners – the Eyeliner Pen from Natura Una and the
Skinny Liquid Eyeliner from Eyeko. So much that since they “got into my life” (hahah so lame) I almost never wore my two favorite ones until then – Fluidline Blacktrack from MAC, a gel applied with a flat brush, and the one in pen from Duda Molinos.

Between my two new loves, I would say that Natura’s is number 1 in terms of precision – it allows you to make not only a very thin line but also a thicker one and the cat eye very easily, I find it easier to use comparing to my old loves, that were already easy, so you can imagine the joy! I think it’s probably due to its longer tip, very thin on the tip, that is not too bendable at all (I hate the bendable ones, I find them harder to control). It also has a good grip, tapered like some pens, you know? That helps when it comes to applying it.

The Eyeko one is good to do that line without dramas – if that even exists right hehe, even I with so much practice sometimes “get stuck” in a line. But my impression is that it is very well dosed, in terms of the size of the tip and the amount of product that comes out, it’s really easy to get a good result. Ah, and it lasts super long, and Natura’s one too.

Actually, I was happy when the other day a reader thanked me for the tip I gave about the Natura’s eyeliner (that I had mentioned on Instragram already) and said that with it she managed for the first time to make the line straight. Success! For the ones who still haven’t found the ideal eyeliner, it’s worth to try these two. After that you can tell about it here – and leave tips for other eyeliners you like as well, it is always nice!

* UPDATE – some girls asked in the comments if they are very black! They are superrr, I forgot to mention that detail – that is not a detail right hehe. It-s crucial for a good eyeliner to be very black, because you apply it once and that’s it. Both get 10 points in the field!

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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