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Vic’s tips: Hotel Le Grand Bellevue in Gstaad


Perhaps because I come from a tropical summer-all-year-round country, I’ve always had a thing for cold weather, snow and all of that. Spending a weekend in the mountains drinking hot chocolate in front of a fireplace is my idea of heaven, so all I can think about when winter arrives is going skiing.

Earlier this year I went to Gstaad for the first time, to stay with some friends at their chalet. Having had the hotel Le Grand Bellevue in my radar for a while, I took the opportunity to get in touch and arrange a visit, and they kindly invited us for too wonderful experiences: spending some time at their spa and going for dinner at their fancy Michelin star restaurant.

“Hotel tourism” is one of my favourite things to do and I loved getting to know this gem that is Le Grand Bellevue. At the same time traditional and cool, it’s the perfect balance between posh and relaxed: excellent service, luxurious details, amazing décor, but you still feel at home.

We spent hours at Le Grand Spa — what can be nicer after a whole day at the slopes? We had a massage, tried all the many different saunas, soaked in the jacuzzi and relaxed at the terrace with a cup of tea. Later that day we came back for dinner. First we had an aperitif at the bar, sitting at the longest George Smith Chesterfield sofa ever comissioned (!), then went to Leonard, the Michelin starred restaurant, for a delicious meal in a great atmosphere.

There’s also a sushi restaurant, the Bouquet speakeasy and the cutest Le Petit Chalet, a cabin outside in the garden where you can have fondue. While there, I also had the chance to visit some of the suites, spacious, sun bathed and beautifully decorated, like the rest of the Le Grand Bellevue. Needless to say, I’m already planning to go back and stay for a few nights!


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