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The Ruuby Review: lash lift and spray tan


One of the best parts of my job as beauty editor / blogger is trying out beauty treatments! So when my good friends at Ruuby – the wonderfully pretty and well curated beauty concierge app (offering both mobile and salon hair and beauty treatments) proposed I try and review their treatments for Dia de Beauté, I immediately jumped at the opportunity.

From massages and tans to lash lift and manicures, I tried eight treatments in eight weeks – you can read the first review, blow dry at DryBy and facial at Aromatherapy Associates, here, and today I’ll review a lash lift and a spray tan, both conveniently done at home.

If you are interested in trying the below (and more!) then download the app here and use code ‘RUUBYLOVESDDB’ to get £10 off your first booking.


The delightful Magi arrived at my house fully equipped for the 45-minute lash “procedure” – bed and all. A true expert in lash lifts, Magi explained every step to me including a warning about the strange smelling product used… ! We begin by discussing how curled I would like my eyelashes, and since it’s my first time having the treatment I go for moderate. The lash lift also includes a tint and for this I choose the most intense colour as they are naturally quite dark. The 45 minutes is spent with your eyes closed, although this may seem like a long time, it flies by, especially with Magi chatting away! The final result is what I had imagined – natural, enhanced lashes that are made even more dramatic with a little bit of mascara on top. This treatment is extremely practical and I would say it’s ideal for girls with straight and or blonde lashes as well as those going on holiday. Also, it doesn’t damage your natural lashes.


Jayde has been tanning bodies “since forever” as she puts it! I was curious to see how the tanning process would take place at home and where I was going to do it in my apartment. Of course, Jayde has a solution for everything! She brings a tiny bag that transforms in to a walk in tent. You undress, stand on sticky pads and step in to the tent to be sprayed thoroughly with zero damage to your apartment – the process is surprisingly quick, but at the same time carefully done so your colour will be even. Post tan, Jayde instructed me to avoid showering for at least 8 hours, wear loose clothes and avoid oil-based products and scrubs. I was thrilled with the final result, beautiful tan, not artificial at all, and although I do like my super pale natural skin, I would definitely consider doing this again to get in the summer mood. It’s perfect for events and mini beach trips, plus you don’t have to worry about lying in the sun and constantly applying sun cream as you have your even tan sorted already.


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Hey Vic, Congrats on the english version of your blog. I’m impressed how you can be as funny and spontaneous in english as you are in portuguese. I’m definitely going to read the english version of your posts first :)
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