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Produtos para a vida real.

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Beauté Por Aí: Tricks to save your skin during winter


Considering it is now winter in Brazil (and that for once it is actually quite cold over there), I did a special Beauté Por Aí, my monthly program for Vogue Brazil’s online TV channel, talking about my beauty tricks help your skin survive winter – lots of experience being living in London for 3 years now!

Products I show on the video:

  • Shower Oil Peony & Blush Suede – Jo Malone (here)
  • Atoderm Intensive Gel Moussant – Bioderma (here)
  • Dry Body Oil – Aurelia (here)
  • Crème de Corps – Kiehl’s (here)
  • Skin Food – Weleda (here)
  • Bepanthene Spray (here)
  • Hidradefense Solution Moisturising Mist – Adcos (Brazilian brand)
  • Lotus Face Treatment Oil – Clarins (here)
  • Crème de la Mer (here)

{Direction: Camila Guerreiro @studiocamilaguerreiro}

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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