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Produtos para a vida real.

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When my sister Luiza got married, I gifted her with the month-long bride treatment at Kennzur spa (aka my favourite spa in São Paulo, I’ve mentioned it a few times on DDB!). And, naturally, asked her to send a report on her experience to share with you – I do feel like getting married again after reading it, just to have an excuse to do this! If you ever visit São Paulo, it is totally worth visiting Kennzur for a massage.

“The bride month at Kennzur was one of the greatest ideas someone could have, especially for a working bride like me. We split our wedding in three, with three parties happening in a 2 and a half months period – a brief detour to explain what was behind this idea:

My husband is from Rio de Janeiro, I’m from São Paulo, where we both live. I was crazy to get married in a church, but wanted to do something more intimate, just for family and a small group of friends, so the idea of having a religious ceremony in Rio was perfect. It happened during the day, at Outeiro da Gloria, in a sunny but not very hot April day, followed by a lunch at Térèze, the restaurant at Hotel Santa Tereza. Besides the official ceremony, having our best friends in town turned out like a mini destination wedding, filled with a great Rio schedule and many nice moments.

So that was celebration number 1… But, like my sister Victoria, we decided to split the “official” party in two, having family and our parents friends for one celebration and bride & groom friends for another. Both parties took place at my parents house, with a 2 week gap between them – we did a brunch for the family and a night party for the friends. Me and my mother own a party decoration business, Bothanica Paulista, so we are used to doing the whole ambiance, flower arrangements and everything else and also know all of the suppliers needed for a party, so I knew exactly what I wanted and how the wedding was going to be. We decided to take care of everything and hired a wedding planner just to help on the day itself (which I only recommend doing if you work in the field. It’s not just a matter of knowing the supplier, you need to solve a bunch of issues related to them… Get someone to help at least on the last month – I swear it’s worth your sanity).
Needless to say, our business didn’t stop during the whole planning period, we were doing weddings every weekend, last minute parties, super busy. So you can imagine my state of mind… I was going crazy.

zenbride ing

And that’s where Kennzur’s bride treatment comes in. It consists of one treatment per week for four weeks and the idea is to really put you in the mood, de-stress and also prep for the big day, as follows:

Week 1- a bioenergetic massage. Super relaxing, this massage aims to balance and reestablish the energetic cycle of your body and my, does it work. I could feel the effects even on the day after.
Week 2 – in the midst of the madness that were the last few weeks before the wedding, I had a lymphatic drainage massage to drain and eliminate toxins. The most amazing thing about Kennzur is that anything you do there is always super relaxing, I think it must be something in the air – you walk in and get immediately zen (the place, practically inside Ibirapuera park, definitely helps). So even after the drainage I was relaxed, almost sleeping…
Week 3 – it was a moisturising facial treatment by Biologique Recherche, an amazing french brand, to diminish spots and lines – you have it done on half of your face and compare it, it’s incredible, it makes a huge difference! This was the week of the celebration number two and, naturally, I had blemishes! So it was ideal, since it helped drying them and my skin was looking great for the family brunch.
Week 4 – it was the week before the wedding, I was nervous, anxious, stressed, and all of the other feelings a bride has, even though that was my third time! I had a super powerful shiatsu massage to reset, relax muscles, help with my sleep and even regulate the digestive system – all very convenient for the last week…

BRIDE’S DAY – which, in my case, was more like “bride’s eve”. As a working bride, I wanted to be at the house on the big day helping finish the last details for the party, before heading to the hairdresser. So me and my sister went on the day before, for an experience that lasted 3 hours, it was pure bliss. But I won’t be saying much about this moment in order to not spoil it and ruin the little surprises they organise. I can say, however, that it was amazing, I really disconnected from the outside, relaxed, thought about life and started getting into the bride’s mood (for the third time, indeed, but the most real one!).

I loved the treatment so much that, when my best friend got married, I also gifted her with it – it is wonderful to have such a great experience when your going through a moment so special and important like getting married.”

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