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Light foundations I love


Foundation is a subject that can last right? It’s one of my favorite products to buy and to try – when I look at my “collection” nowadays I’m almost embarrassed, but well, all in the name of research! And since you always ask me about light foundations for everyday use, I separated a few I like a lot to share here.


They’re all liquid and I divided them in two parts – the ones that leave a dewy look and the ones that are more matte. But they’re all great for the daily basis, and most of them I apply with my fingers, super practical. Ah! It’s worth reminding that there is a post with the best foundations for oily skin – according to you! – here.


+ dewy
Lingerie de Peau BB Cream in light – Guerlain
It  has  a  more  “rich” texture,  leaves  a  very  beautiful  finish,  covers  enough and  wins  for  its delicious fragrance.

Face and Body in N2 – MAC
One of my all-time favorites, it’s super liquid and light, perfect for the ones who want a more undetectable coverage. But if you apply several layers it becomes more powerful. Sometimes I apply it with a brush.

Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer in Alaska – Nars
I like this tinted moisturizer for when it starts to get colder and my skin suffers a bit, since it moisturizes the skin and also has a thicker texture, although the coverage is light and dewy.

BB Dream Fresh in medium – Maybelline
On the more liquid texture team, this is one of my favorite BB Creams, perfect for the days when you want to give an upgrade to your skin without looking like you have tons of makeup on.

bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation in Bare Shell 02 – bareMinerals
This is a veeery liquid foundation, but can give a medium to high coverage depending on how many layers you apply. It has a very nice texture like a serum and it’s better when applied with a brush – and it’s nice for the ones with more sensitive skin, since it follows the same philosophy of the mineral foundations in powder from the brand, with only a few ingredients!

BB Complexion Perfection in medium – Omorovicza
The most dewy coverage of all the products in the photo, besides having also a very rich texture – I imagine it is great for a more mature skin and also for the ones with dry skin. I love this brand, you can find it at Liberty in London and at Bergdorf Goodman in the US.

Sheer and Perfect in I20 – Shiseido
One of my latest finds, I am in love with this foundation – super light texture, gives a certain coverage, doesn’t look like you have a mask on at all, and it’s discreetly illuminated. The effect is kind of like “I slept so nicely that my skin woke up beautiful” haha!


+ matte
Double Wear Light intensity in 2.0 – Estée Lauder
Light foundation, but that is super long lasting! When you apply it, it looks like it’s dewy, but then it dries and you get a super matte finish. This one I apply either with my fingers or with a brush.

BB Big Easy 2 in light – Benefit
Of all the BB Creams I used, this new one by Benefit is the one I found to be more dry, ideal for the ones who have oily skin and want a lighter coverage.

BB Camera Ready in fair – Smashbox
It gives just enough coverage and has a more matte finish,I think it is an interesting option for the ones who have mixed/normal skin and prefer a more matte effect

CC Moisture Surge in very light – Clinique
Although it has a moisturizing formula, it also leaves a more matte finish. I love the texture, it blends super nicely with the skin, and it’s good for the ones who have dark spots or redness because it helps to disguise it.

Segunda Pele in bege 01 – Contém 1g
My favorite foundation by Contém 1g, super light, soft coverage and pretty finish. I love it for an everyday use and I apply it sometimes with the fingers, and other times with a brush.

Maestro in 6.5 – Armani
Super technologic foundation, veeery liquid texture that makes you think it won’t do anything, but it does! It seems like velvet when you apply it, disappears on the skin, but it covers and leaves a more opaque effect. I know a lot of women who don’t like heavy foundations and that, after testing this one, don’t want another one ever again!

NatureLuxe in 310 – Cover Girl
I bought it after a season when Pat McGrath wore this foundation on most of the shows she did – and I am addicted to the kind of skin she does, always perfect! I like it because it’s very neutral, if you apply a bit of powder it gets really matte, if you use illuminator it get… more illuminated hehe. But it always leaves a nice effect and has a very friendly price at the US drugstores!

And that’s it! Of course these are not the only good options, so if you have suggestions leave a comment!!! I’ve been diving my foundations in three groups: the light ones, the night/festive ones and the super versatile ones – next week I’ll speak about the other two categories! Like a #foundationintensive101

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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