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Gucci Westman’s top 6


As a good fan of makeup artists, I am happy with the opportunities I have to interview them. I was in New York last year to talk to Gucci Westman, one of the most powerful people in this field nowadays, for a profile I wrote on the March edition of Vogue about her (I put it in the end of the post!)

top 6 da Gucci Westman-2

Gucci is super funky! She’s married to one of the owners of Rag & Bone, BFF & loved by many actresses (Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz), always does covers and editorials for Vogue, does the makeup for a lot of fashion shows, like Oscar de la Renta, and she is also the global artistic director for Revlon – meaning, she creates new products and the seasonal color collections.

Of course I took the chance to ask about her favorite products – but the ones she uses on her, and not when she’s doing makeup on others! I always like to know this, it’s a great way to get to know new things…

top 6 da Gucci Westman-1

. Nearly Naked Pressed Powder – Revlon (she loves the finish, that is matte, but not heavy)
. PhotoReady Bronzer – Revlon (Gucci is a super fan of the healthy/tanned/natural look)
. ColorBurst Lip Butter – Revlon (one of her many creations, also fits the line of natural makeup she likes so much – I love the texture of this balm/lipstick, I already mentioned it here)
. Rose Day Cream – Dr. Haushcka (German brand with natural products that several celebrities love – this is Gucci’s favorite moisturizer…)
. Colostrum Cream – Environ (… together with this one!)
. The Lip Balm – La Mer (I don’t even need to say it’s already on my list of “lip balms to try”)

Notice that I love asking others, but I find it practically impossible for me to answer this same question… Who knows one day I make a top 6 of my all time favorites, but until then I use Loving Right Now to talk about, well, what I’m currently loving hahaha!

Here is the article from Vogue, click it to read it

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{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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