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Vic loves… – summer special!


Even though I am in London – every day gets colder! – I decided to write this special summer edition of Loving right now, after all, you are there facing the biggest heat, preparing to go to the beach and all! I gathered a mix of things I loved wearing in the summer here (there is a video and a post about the products I took in the trips I made) with some new things I recently tested and liked


What: Pattern scarf
Brand: Scarf Me
Why: I got very attached to head scarfs during my summer vacation in July – so much I even made a video about this subject! It’s worth it to put in the bag any scarf you have at home, preferably a colourful one. I love the patterns of Scarf Me – this one in the photo I found on Farfetch, searching for an example on the internet to illustrate the post hehehe.


What: Sun Protection Compact Foundation SPF 50
Brand: Sunlace
Why: I got to know Sunlace as soon as it was launched last year – we made a scoop on Vogue ;) – and immediately I sympathised with the brand’s proposal to ease the use of sunscreen on a daily basis. This compact foundation was their last release, I got it to test it and I loved it. It’s perfect for those who fancy 2 in 1 products, that protect & unify the skin, but with the SPF as “protagonist” (I wouldn’t wear a foundation or a BB Cream with SPF to the beach, for example, I need something more powerful). And since it is a powder, it has a matte finish, for the joy of those who belong to the “oily skin legion” hehehe. I prepared my skin with it for the TV Beauté that will be published tomorrow (subject: trying Naked 3 eyeshadows!!), for those who want to see how it looks on the skin


What: Wash Off Tan
Brand: St. Tropez
Why: I am a bit lazy when it come to the process of applying bronzing products, I confess. But I love this body lotion that tans the skin just for a night (or a day) and then washes off in the shower! It’s like body makeup, nothing worthier… I use it normally in the legs and arms to warm up a bit my ghosty lightness


What: Metallic eye pencil color Sapucaia
Brand: Phebo
Why: In that video where I show what I took to Turkey (linked above), I speak precisely about the eye pencils that go beyond the black and the brown, to give a little color to the makeup. I loved this new color by Phebo, a lovely metallic grape – and I really like the texture of the eye pencils from this brand, I’ve already used the black one here in the blog a few times


What: Sunscreen Spray SPF 30
Brand: Sol de Janeiro
Why:I wanted to chose only one body sunscreen for this edition of the sweethearts – otherwise I would include thousands of them – and I decided on this one from Sol de Janeiro, a brand I love and that I already mentioned a few times on DDB. The texture of this spray is veeery good, a bit like an oil, but not super… greasy, you know? It leaves a very pretty glow on the skin and it’s a pleasure to apply

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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