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Today’s video is just for answering questions – I asked you to send me questions on the blog’s Facebook page, gathered some others I wrote down and filmed it. I ended up not including everything otherwise the video would be huuuuge and super boring (I think), so below are the answers that were missing… it became a mixed post with video and text!

But basically the subjects in the video are: my hair (straightening, cut, colour), routine in London, work at Vogue and some other things!

Interview for FFW

No included:

Something about work that I forgot to mention – what do you read, where do you get references and inspirations? I read all the magazines I can, especially Vogue from different countries (but always from Brazil, UK, US and Paris, Allure and what else I can. And looooots of websites and blogs, some of them linked here on the blogroll. But normally I surf the web and I don’t even know how I get to certain sites hehe – how I love the Internet!

Several questions related with expiration dates: I already wrote about that on the blog! You can find it all in this post

What do you think about men that wear makeup? Since they now care more about beauty, is makeup also essencial? I would say that makeup is never essential, neither for men nor for women!! I am in favour of men taking advantage of some benefits makeup can give – to hide pimples and dark circles, tame the brows… black eye pencil is also good, but of course it has to match your style

What’s the best shade of red lipstick for the ones who wear braces? I think the braces don’t influence at all the chosen red shade – with or without braces, it has to match your skin tone! Think that even without braces you can keep wearing that lipstick. Actually sometimes people ask if you can wear bright lipstick with braces. I would say yes, because it wouldn’t make sense to have a rule saying not to do it (!), but you must be conscious of the fact that you will be getting all the attention to the mouth – if you hate your braces more than anything else in the world, it’s better to focus on the eyes!

Why is it so important to remove the makeup before going to bed? Actually, here the point is not necessarily to remove the makeup, but to remove all the dirt/oiliness/elements that get on your skin throughout the day (!) so that it can go through all the “regenerating” sleeping processes, while you sleep (they happen all over the body, not only the face). Does this make sense? The skin needs to breath and be free and happy at night! And a makeup layer on top of it can interfere a lot… not to mention that in this ritual of cleaning the face/removing the makeup also comes in an eventual night moisturiser/serum, so that you wake up prettier than when you went to bed

What are your cheap indispensable products? I have a huge difficulty to highlight indispensable products, no matter if they are cheap, expensive, national or imported. Because I love to try out new things, always. But I will try – now the doubt is: would you say that “cheap” goes until which price? And, more difficult, cheap in Brazil or abroad? Because this always changes a bit the options. Give me your opinion on the comments and I will write a post about it hehe!

What’s the best national (Brazilian) foundation you wore? Not that I wore all the ones that exist in national brands, but I really like the foundation from Natura Una and the Segunda Pele from Contém 1g

Tips for buying bath oils in Brazil? I LOVE bath oils!! Some brands with great options: L’Occitane, Nivea, Kiehl’s, Amazônia Viva, O Boticário, Sparkkli, Weleda and the most traditional one that I love, Séve from Natura

Why does the formula of imported products changes sometimes when the brand releases it in Brazil? Basically because the Brazilians have some specific tastes and needs, and the brands want to please the more people they can. And there is also te Anvisa factor, that sometimes bans some activation ingredients from the original formula and then they need to change it

What do you use to reduce the pores? I am lucky enough not to have very visible pores, so this question is not so crucial to me… but on the top of my mind there are 3 good products to reduce (even if only for a few hours) the pores: the primer Porefessional from Benefit and the lines Pore Minimizer from Clinique and Normaderm from Vichy

Are the SK-II products good for the ones with oily skin and using acid? Hummmm for oily skin I already read somewhere that Essence and the cleanser are good, but about the acid I cannot tell and it’s better for you to talk about it with the dermatologist that prescribed it (the acid, in this case)

How to choose fake lashes? My favourite way is at Sephora, that has these showcases where you can place the lash on your eye and see the effect! As for the ones you buy in drugstores/specialised stores I am not sure… usually, I pick the ones that are in the middle comparing to the maximum effect ones!

How to reuse the fake lashes – remove, wash and keep? Removing is easy, you just need to pull them gently and they come off. I clean the glue that stayed in the base with my finger and keep them in the original box when I come back home. If you are wearing lashes that a makeup artist applied on you, it is worth to ask for the box!

How do you film the videos, camera, lights, all the setting? Well my set if far from being ideal right, hahahaha, I still have fights with the lights, the camera… But in any case I use Nikon D5100, I don’t know how to play with the settings so I do it on the automatic mode and sometimes I zoom in. I try to film during the day to use only natural light, because the light in my bedroom in London is too yellow – I want to try to solve this issue next year. And I put a tripod behind the mirror on the beauty vanity to hold the camera

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}

{Video edition: Renata G. Corrêa}


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