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Liberty: beauty destination


I’ve been meaning to post about Liberty for a while, the department store in London which is the most beautiful thing on earth.

Liberty is a super old department store – it opened in 1875 and it sold fabric, ornaments and objets d’art. The expansion – both in space as in the selection of products – happened with time, and transformed the store into a reference of style with an eclectic touch, selling everything – clothes, carpets, homeware, accessories, sewing supplies… (not to mention the world wide famous Liberty patterns, with mini flowers, that are a trademark).

The store is a never-ending charm, and is until today a portfolio for super tasteful and up-to-date brands. Well, the subject here is beauty, and I got to say that the options Liberty has available makes it one of my favourite department stores today – because it has a lot of good and famous stuff, niche and hard to find brands, all gathered in an incredible environment full of details which makes the purchasing experience feel more special.

The “official” beauty floor was recently renovated, but the truth is you can find cosmetics spread all over the store, both on the ground floor in different areas as also on the homeware floor. The photo above is one of those areas, that has Kiehl’s, Nars, Shu Uemura, Aesop, Ellis Faas, Essie and many other brands. And what can I say about that chandelier? ♥

In these side tables there’s always something different from smaller brands, and always with a reference to the story and explanation, very well thought. That’s where I bought my Olio Lusso by Rodin, which I love.

Isn’t it lovely the way they display the soaps on the wooden bay window?? There’s always something cute everywhere you look!

The perfume area is separated, and also perfect, visually speaking. The variety is very interesting, mixing niche perfumes with more famous brands. At the main room, when you leave this small room, you can find bigger counters of Le Labo (that’s where I bought mine!), Frédéric Malle, Byredo and other cosmetic brands like Omorovicza, a super cool Hungarian brand, and Chantecaille, for makeup. And they also have wonderful candles there!

Look at these super cute lip balms that come in vintage tins! And the info with Andrea Garland’s story.

Lots of Essie nail polishes

More pretty soaps on the bay window

Shelf with the nice smelling Aromatherapy Associates cosmetics…

… and the organic products by Bamford – I got a geranium mini bath oil as a present from there which is the most delicious thing

And this is the inside, right in the centre of the store. Super nice, right? It’s worth visiting as a touristic spot (but it’s impossible to leave without a small purple bag…). It’s the perfect spot for a beauté scavenger hunt!!

It’s worth to check the official website to “travel” a bit more, here.

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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