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A “beyond beauté” moment to post – finally – the video where I answer the questions you left about subjects that are not related to beauty! I loved everyone’s participation, there were a lot of questions so I had to select just a few of them, otherwise the video would be way longer than it is already hahaha! So if you enjoy this format I can do more from time to time.

The list of questions is below and my makeup is the one from the last TV Beauté, makeup for a wedding during the day, here


  • Alessandra Peres – How do you separate your clothes for when you travel? Do you take everything ready or you choose the look depending on your mood on the day?
  • Rosana781 – I’m curious to know about your daily routine in London: how do you organize your house? Do you have someone to help you, do you manage to have lunch with your husband?
  • Gravata Bordô – Do you like to read? What’s your favourite book and the one you’re reading at the moment
  • Bárbara Reis – Who was the most interesting person your job allowed you to meet?
  • Rafael Mendonça – What do you think about the fact that are men following your blog wanting to learn something?
  • Germana Barreto – Your house was invaded by a vulcano. If you could only save three beauty items, which ones would they be?
  • Lívia V – When you finish the tutorials and turn off the camera, do you remove the makeup you did or do you go out with it?
  • Jennifer Suzart – Do you care a lot or not so much about your eating habits? Are you one of those who counts calories or you don’t care so much?
  • Tainara Gomes – Are you a good housewife? Do you cook, clean, iron?
  • Jéssica Guimarães – Tell us a bit how it was to leave the office and starting a new routine out of the home office, new country, new house…
  • Rafaella Santos Netto do Prado – I would like you to give your opinion for the ones wanting to start a blog and a career in the field. Do you think there is no more space for new people? Do you think that someone who starts now can still make it?
  • Wellington Rodrigo – What would you have done if you didn’t choose this career path? Is there any chance you might retire from this universe and dedicate to something else you feel like?
  • Bruna Gelbecke – How is the situation regarding jealousy between you and your husband with so many trips, events and parties? When do you think about having kids?

Nail Polish in Miss Fancy Pants – Essie
Necklace from LOOL by Vic Ceridono (
Zara Shirt
Mixed Jeans

My interview for FFW can be seen here!

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}

{Video edition: Renata G. Corrêa}


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