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Two powerful red carpets took place last night! In order for this post not end up huuuuuge, I start with my favorite from the Grammys and from the Baftas and then I write another post with the rest! The photos increase in size if you click on them

taylorTaylor Swift had her makeup done in a beautiful shade of blue, matching her dress – I loved the color, it’s not such a bright blue, but also not that dark, used close to the bottom lashes + smokey eye, eyeliner, false lashes and white eye pencil on the waterline to complement. (Actually, this trick to use the color on the bottom is great for the ones with a chubby eyelid!)

I found Kim Kardashian’s green/gold smokey eye to be gorgeous

rihannaRihanna had a supeeer clean and fresh makeup + simple bun to match the very exaggerated dress, which you must have seen somewhere today!! I loved the balance

katyKaty Perry and the killer eyeliner + purple hair that suits her well

beyonceBeyoncé also went “clean”and with very pretty “fainted” waves on her hair

julianne baftaAt Baftas: Julianne Moore had wavy hair with volume and black contoured eyes

keira bafta
I loved the soft waves on Keira’s hair

felicity2Felicity Jones had a soft smokey eye and a bun I loved, parted on the side, a bit messy, a bit of volume on the back

felicity bafta
Felicity’s bun

lea sTo end, Léa Seydoux with a kind of retro hairstyle and red lipstick + gold eyeshadow

(Photos: Getty Images)

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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