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Every time I go to São Paulo I visit my dentist – the British are not so famous for this, so I prefer to go for a cleaning or a check-up appointment when I am in Brazil, with the dentist I had all my life, Dr. Marcelo Kignel. The last time I visited him, we have a very interesting conversation about smiles and teeth and I thought I could write a post on it…

I was fascinated by the world of cosmetic dentistry hahah! After all, it is something that has a huge impact on beauty – research shows that the smile is the first ting 47% of people first notice when they meet someone -, but it’s something more unconscious, let’s say. I thought it was very nice to understand a bit more of this dental (hahaha) world and see so many possibilities, sometimes we only focus on skin/hair and don’t think about this “little” detail, and I am guilty also since I almost never approach this subject here (the almost was used due to the only “dental” post on the blog, about my experience with the Invisalign braces!).

I really liked the way he defined a pretty smile: it’s not impactful, it’s not that you notice the teeth… It’s more subtle, it flatters, but without people noticing where it comes from – on a parallel note, it’s like when you shape your brows! It looks like the whole face “fits”. More: it’s not just a matter of having a perfect smile – that does not exist, because each face is different – but it’s always possible to touch in small details that will enhance the whole picture.

Four famous smiles and beauty references, two foreigner and two Brazilian women – Taís Araújo, Jessica Alba, Anne Hathaway and Flavia Alessandra. Most probably, all of them already did some kind of “touch up” on their teeth!

Marcelo says: “Thinking about taking care of your smile is fundamental, it is your greeting card, every time someone smiles at you, it’s instinctive to grade you. When we touch someone’s smile, our goal is not to have people asking ‘what have you done to your teeth?’. The ideal is that people think ‘wow, she looks so well, what has she done?’”. He stated that a lot of women arrive to his office looking prettier if they don’t smile, and they have no idea how easy it is to bring them up. I confess I was impressed with all the technology that exists today (the dentistry world is a “parallel universe” about which I didn’t know much…) – basically you don’t need to over polish your teeth, feel pain or go to the dentist a thousand times to get nice results.

I saw a few before and after photos and my chin dropped – there are a few by the end of the post to give you an idea. I thought it was particularly impressive the rejuvenating power a smile can have, it lifts your face up without Botox… He says that there were a few drastic changes done in like 1 hour, 1 hour and a half, but it doesn’t even need to be drastic to make a difference – there are photos where you cannot even tell what changed, but you can see there is a difference, like several small details with a huge impact on the overall harmony.

Where is most common to touch to highlight the smile: darker teeth, space between the teeth, a shape that doesn’t fit, lots of gum showing. He told me he uses a lot two different techniques to make these changes (besides bleaching and gum sculpting): silica nanoparticles and veneers (aka contact lenses for the eyes) – I found this one very curious! It’s like a cover, done in a lab, that you put in your teeth and last up to 15 years. And, if the change is more radical, he can do a mockup so that you can see the result before going for it (one of his patients, for examples, thought it was too perfect and asked for some “damage” to achieve a more natural look!)

Here are the before and after photos that Marcelo let me post (hehehe), of more and less radical changes – but none of them involved invasive or long procedures, be amazed

antes e depois

Impressive right? There is a great post on BuzzFeed with several before and after photos of celebrity smiles, for the ones who want to check out more examples. And to find Marcelo, this is the website of the Kignel Clinic. 

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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