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What: Eye Makeup Remover R
Brand: Suqqu
Why: All my readers know that my favorite eye makeup remover has been Bi-Facil from Lancôme for ages. But since I tried this one from Suqqu – a super nice Japanese brand, I used their eyelash curler on the last TV Beauté, here, and Lisa Eldridge is a super fan – my heart got divided! Very soft, super effective, it is also biphasic but it seems to be less oily. If you’re on the lookout for a nice option and you’re going to London or Asia, I recommend – Suqqu’s distribution is very limited, outside Asia, you can only find it in London, at Selfridges! Here is a link with all the sale points (I already gave this tip here right, to know where you can find the brand you are looking for, the best way is to search the brand’s own website!).

What: Highliner – Gel Crayon in Ro(cocoa)
Brand: Marc Jacobs Beauty
Why: Remember the review post about Marc Jacobs makeup line? I commented that I was curious to try the black eye pencil… But when I went to buy it, at Sephora in NY (when I was there for Fashion Week in September), I ended up choosing this brown shade for some reason. “For some reason” is great right, maybe it’s related with the fact that I already have 800 black eye pencils hahaha #crazy. Well, I thought it would be nicer to diversify the color a bit and I LOVED my choice. It’s a brown with emotion, half metallic, and it looks great both as a line (more intense) and as a smudge, when the metallic shows, with something golden involved. For now, Marc Jacobs Beauty is only for sale in the US – in Sephoras and in a flagship store in Bleecker Street (that I visited and didn’t love, so I preferred to buy it at Sephora, more practical and has all the other brands!).

What: Lip balm
Brand: Carmex
Why: It’s time for me to redeem with Carmex around here – on the last post about lip balms (there were many, I super depend on them and I love to try new ones) I mentioned I didn’t love the famous yellow lip balm, that has big fans around there, because I thought it left a weird taste in the mouth. The one I had in the past was in a tube, but I am wearing now the one in a jar and I am loving it! It doesn’t leave the weird taste (heheh – maybe because it is more solid) and it moisturises super well, with that icy feeling… it is for sure one of my favourites at the moment. The one in the photo has a super cute package, comic style, special edition and exclusive for Selfridges (look at it here again… I am making a huge research about stores to write a full London beauty shopping guide as the one I wrote for New York, wait for it!).

Did you notice I resurrected the section Vic loves? Poor section, it was totally forgotten during my crazy move from São Paulo – London (that seems to still be ongoing, because it takes forever for you to get used to a new country, a new routine… I think it’s inevitable!). But I loved to do it, a lot of girls were asking for it, so it’s back!

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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