Simplicidade, praticidade, leveza. Produtos para a vida real.

Produtos para a vida real.

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9 years of Dia de Beauté!


Can’t believe Dia de Beauté turns 9 today!! It feels like it was yesterday… I remember so well the moment when everything started – a perfect case of creative procrastination, I was bored with my final work for the journalism university and decided to shift my focus to creating a blog. I picked a few products from my vanity table, placed them on the floor, took a photo for the header, chose the layout on WordPress and that’s how Dia de Beauté was born.

On my first post I explained why I chose the name Dia de Beauté, an expression me and my childhood friends used to use when doing “pampering sessions” before a special occasion, and shared my idea for this space: to inspire people to bring a bit of those beauté days to their daily routines… I was sure that would just make life better.

And here we are, nine years later. Looking back on all these years makes me smile instantly… I remember each one of the amazing experiences the blog brought me, the people I’ve met, how the posts really made a difference on many people’s life – which is crazy to think, and makes me so happy -, the launch of my book! I’m not really an emotional person, but I do get a bit when I think about it all!

So today I would like to thank you for the company. It’s a great pleasure to have this space and be able to share some beauty with all of you! And soon it will be more than beauty – Beyond Beauté is almost ready to launch and I cannot wait to start this new chapter, talking about other subjects and, hopefully, sharing with you even more beautiful things.


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