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TV Beyond Beauté: Tenuta Regaleali tour


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My first Beyond Beauté vlog – yay! I was invited to visit a winery in Sicily, Tenuta Regaleali, which is one of the five estates owned by awarded winning producers Tasca D’Almerita, back in September, and had to take the chance to start doing “non-beauty” vlogs. I love wine, but wouldn’t say I’m a connoisseur, so this experience was truly amazing – not only because I got to learn a lot about wine, but also the getting to know Tasca’s story and philosophy was incredible.

The place is beautiful, it’s a bit more of a house than a hotel really (and they actually only recently decided to make it a hotel) and has been in the family for 200 years. They produce a few different wines there – in total, among all five estates, Tasca has 31 different wines on offer, 2 olive oils and a grappa – and we got the chance to walk around, see the vineyard (and eat the grapes!), see the harvest, visit the canteen, where the grapes are taken and where the magic happens… And, naturally, taste a few of the wines.


Another interesting fact about Tasca is their take on sustainability: after doing some eight months of research, they implemented several measures to improve their impact on the environment, such as ban herbicides, installs solar panels, make the bottles lighter to decrease the impact on the transportation trucks. As a result, they became a reference on the subject and served as an example to other Italian wineries to follow.

Besides the wine, we also got to meet incredible people, relaxed in an amazing place and eat really great local food. I have to mention the wonderful tomatoes and the local pasta, but also the Tenuta Regaleali super famous cannoli, which is by far the best I’ve had in my life – I was so delighted when I tried it that I forgot to film it for the vlog hahah. Famiglia Tasca, grazie mille for such a warm welcome!

I’m already making plans to go to Capofaro, one of their other estates located in Salina, an island close to Sicily from where you can see Stromboli, and where they make the delicious sweet wine that has it’s name…

{Video edition: Renata G. Corrêa}

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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