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Produtos para a vida real.

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What: Encapsulate Serum Caviar – Nexxus
Why: This is definitely one of my top choices from the brand. Nexxus has been a favourite of mine ever since I got to know it last year – I shared my experience at their salon in New York and talked more about the brand in general in this post. The Encapsulate Serum Caviar is part of the Therapee & Humectress line, for damaged hair, and it’s a light and powerful leave-in – with caviar complex (antioxidant and highly conditioning) and elastin protein, it weightlessly reconstructs the hair from within. What’s also interesting is the fact that it works just as well on wet and dry hair, so you can also use it to finalise the look giving it a boost of smoothness and shine.

What: Enigma Lip Liner in 01 – Kiko Milano
Why: I’m totally living a “lip liner” moment – after discovering the product category quite late in life (and writing an article for Vogue Brazil about this – I also filmed a TV Beauté tutorial here), now there is not one time I do my makeup without reaching out to a lip liner, which didn’t happen in my previous routine. Kiko Enigma Lip Liner in 01 is my current favourite – I’ve been wearing it for less than a month and it’s almost over…. The shade is so me (a pinkish pale nude) and the texture is great, it glides easily and is comfortable enough to apply all over the lips and not just to line them… So sometimes I even wear it alone. Already bought two more as they seem to be limited edition (panic).

What: Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex – Niod
Why: The fact that I’m on the second bottle of this serum alone is a sign that the love is real – after all, I try so many products at the same time that it is quite rare to actually finish one… Niod is a really interesting brand, with a philosophy of simple but super technological formulas to achieve great results with no frills (I recommend checking their website to learn more). MMHC (all their products have really long and technical names that end up as an acronym) is a very lightweight serum made of 12 forms of hyaluronic compounds, which act attracting water to the skin surface to keep it moist and help it look more plump, while also softening lines and improving overall appearance. I wear it every day before applying any other product and my skin is apparently very grateful for that! You can find it online at LookFantastic, with worldwide delivery, and in the UK you can also find it at Victoria Health and at Selfridges.

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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