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Produtos para a vida real.

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For the boys: Henri-Nicolas, aka Man of a Kind


In this section I invite men I admire to share their grooming routine, tips and beauty secrets.

Today’s guest is Henri-Nicolas, a super stylish swiss fashion blogger – aka @manofakind – who I had the pleasure of meeting through a mutual friend some years ago. Absolutely love his tips, hope you enjoy them as well!

“Hey guys. My name is Henri-Nicolas. I am the founder of and today we are digging into my grooming routine on Dia de Beauté! I am going to review some of the best products available on the market and will share my tips on polishing your look with an impeccable face. First things first, keep in mind that grooming is all about consistency and it is essential to apply the same product on a weekly basis for more effective results. Also remember that this time is for you. Add some music and start relaxing. As most of my readers already know, I don’t consider myself a morning person and I cannot start my day without getting into a refreshing shower. I jump into some burning water and progressively adapt the temperature until the water gets cold. I have therefore no other option than to kick start my day on a very dynamic note!

  1. In the shower I like to use the Coriander Shower Gel by Aesop and Shu Uemura’s Cleansing Oil Shampoo. Foamy and with a hint of masculine luxury, the Aesop gel hits my skin with a cool and refreshing sensation while the Shu Uemura shampoo leaves my hair soft and shiny.

  2. When I am not in a hurry (which is literally never), I tend to apply two different products to my face that I feel complement each other:

a) I normally start with the affordable and very mild purifying cleansing gel by Vichy, which keeps my skin tight and firm all day long.

b) Next, too avoid any chance of a shine on my forehead or nose, I use the T-Pur hydrating gel by Biotherm Homme. To maximise the time I have for breakfast (1 avocado, 2 poached eggs, 1 yogurt and 1 fruit juice or a hot tea), which is very precious to me, I like to apply both of these gels directly in the shower.

  1. For special occasions, or when I want to treat myself, I enjoy purifying my skin with a peeling creme by Clarins. It removes dead cells that accumulate in my skin, helps to improve imperfections and makes me feel more relaxed.

  2. For the morning after, when I had too much fun (or too much to drink) or didn’t get enough sleep, I usually recommend the 1 minute Flash rinse gel by Ren. It really only takes 1 minute to apply and the effects are magical. If that doesn’t do the trick for my tired eyes, the Touche Eclat d’ Yves Saint Laurent highlighting/concealing pen is a great option for a refreshed look in no time.

  3. Last but not least, I never leave home without my survival grooming kit, which includes:

. The hydrating Lip balm by Tom Ford
. The nourishing aromatique hand balm by Aesop
. A small perfume bottle of my latest favourite scent, Gris Montaigne by Dior

Other tips: my favourite fitness club remains L’Usine, in Paris. It’s a great club where you exercise next to Marc Jacobs and Pierre Hardy. For spa, I tend to be pretty selective and really enjoy La Reserve in Geneva (my home town) – it’s quiet, elegant and prefect for a Saturday treat. Now that I am based in London, I discovered this great barber shop in Chelsea called Haks Oscar, a pure heaven for men’s grooming – I don’t shave at all and prefer to trim my beard from time to time.”

Shop the post:

  • Coriander Shower Gel – Aesop (here)
  • Cleansing Oil Shampoo – Shu Uemura (here)
  • Cleansing gel – Vichy (here)
  • T-Pur hydrating gel – Biotherm Homme (here)
  • Peeling creme – Clarins (here)
  • 1 minute Flash rinse gel – Ren (here)
  • Touche Eclat highlighting/concealing pen – Yves Saint Laurent (here)
  • Hydrating Lip balm – Tom Ford (here)
  • Nourishing aromatique hand balm – Aesop (here)
  • Gris Montaigne – Dior (here)


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