Simplicidade, praticidade, leveza. Produtos para a vida real.

Produtos para a vida real.

Compre aqui!

The nail polishes from my book!


When we started planning the pictures of my book – “Dia de Beauté: A Makeup Guide for Real Life” -, there were so many details to consider, it was crazy. A special one that I knew was super important was the nails – even though it’s a makeup guide and there isn’t a chapter on nails, they would be pretty visible on absolutely all the step by step photos, as well as in the more “poetic” photos. Nails are always one of the most talked about element of my video tutorials – I get so many questions if the nail polish credit is not there! – and it wouldn’t be different in the book. We had to think about it carefully!

So the slightly crazy idea was to change the nail polish several times during the four-day shoot in order to complement the makeup, the outfit and basically help compose the whole aesthetic. Thankfully Risqué, one of my all time favourite Brazilian nail polish brands, agreed to join this creative journey and sent a manicure and all of their (many) nail polish shades for us to choose which ones would work with the colour palette of the book. I was so grateful for this partnership (and for my nail polish stock that will last forever!)

For this post, we put together some photos from the book and “backstage” ones I took during the shoot, plus of course the credits of the 7 (actually, 8!) shades I used in the book.

They are: Arábia, Carmim + Rebu, Cocker, Condessa, Experiência Caribenha, Los Encantos da Catalunha and Uva.

Let me know which one is your favourite in the comments!

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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