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Airplane Travel Care Routine


How appropriate that I am writing this post from… The airplane! If you follow me on social media (if not, please do! Instagram @vicceridono, Snapchat @viceridono), you know I travel quite a lot. Let’s just say that spending a whole month at home in London, without even a quick 2-day trip, is something pretty rare.

I can’t complain, as it’s a mix of really cool work trips, like the recent one to Las Vegas, for the exciting launch of #benefitbrows, and leisure – I’m Berlin bound to meet my sister who’s there for holidays. Of course living in London makes travelling so much easier… Being from Brazil, I think everything in Europe is so near, with a 2-hour flight you could be in many amazing countries – I am constantly searching the British Airways app for a new destination/special offer and without even thinking “boom” I just booked another trip. The truth is the more I travel, the more I realise there is still so much to see.

Anyway – because I basically live in an airplane / in the airport (a special shout out to Heathrow Terminal 5 – true love), I’ve learned a few things, like the art of being concise/compact and travelling only with hand luggage whenever possible. I find this a very useful skill since you save time both on the way there (you don’t need to check-in luggage) and on the way back (you don’t need to wait for the luggage on the belt). I also learned to keep a few ready to go beauty bags, so I don’t forget anything, and I developed a few techniques to make the security/waiting moment a bit more pleasant.

But the most important of all is the small beauté ritual I came up with to minimize the damage caused by long flights both on my skin and on my body, that I share in this post. I would love to hear your tips, leave them in the comments!


. Take a shower as close to the flight time as possible and apply moisturiser on the whole body – skin gets really dry in the airplane
. If possible, remove your makeup, cleanse the skin and apply a night cream as if you were about to go to bed – I don’t care about going to the airport without any makeup, it’s good for a detox
. When I hop on a plane with makeup on, I take some cotton pads in my hand luggage (I’ve had to use makeup remover with tissues once and let’s say it’s not exactly the same thing…)
. Review the liquids in the cabin beauty bag, which has to be transparent and the size of a ziplock, with all products under 100ml. I obviously find this rule so annoying, but there is no other way. I have a pre-made beauty bag and then adapt the products according to the trip, since the needs might change depending on the destination. If I am travelling just with hand luggage, all the liquids must fit in this small beauty bag, which requires some talent, but it works! I’m obsessed with travel size products and also collect samples and buy small empty containers to fill in with any product I need. I also love when I’m travelling with my husband, because then I can steal a bit of his space! Something else I do: put all non-liquid items, like toothbrush, q-tips, cotton pads, tweezers, etc, in a separate bag so they won’t take any of the precious ziplock space. If I am checking the luggage, I’ll bring with me only the products for the flight and basic essentials for arrival


. Drink lots of water – I buy the biggest bottle I can find at the airport. For long flights, the goal is to drink it all + 1 refill (I ask the flight attendant to fill it up for me) – hydration is very very important!
. Don’t drink alcohol – if you hate flying, then perhaps you cannot avoid it, but since I love it, I avoid drinking alcohol as it’s dehydrating…
. If the flight is during the day, I try not to sleep, so that upon arrival I’m adjusted to the time zone – I particularly love this moment, no cellphone, super peaceful, I can write, answer emails… But if the flight is during the night, I force myself to sleep in order to arrive as much rested as possible in my destination.
. Products in action! In the picture you can see a mix of things I take with me on 100% of the flights and few things that vary. They are:
– Dr. Jart+ Water Replenishment Cotton Sheet Mask – I love a good mask in a long flight, and sheet masks are perfect as they offer an intensive treatment as well as the chance to scare people by your side. Just kidding! The trick is to wait for the lights to go off and then put them on. If you are too embarrassed, pick a normal transparent mascara and spread it all over the face.
– Bioderma Sensibio H2O – this small bottle is perfect for travelling and it’s always in my cosmetics bag, to use on the plane or as soon as I arrive in the hotel
– Avène Thermal Spring Water – another product I use everyday, in the plane it’s specially great to mist before applying the mask, when you wake up or at any moment you want to feel fresh
– Aesop Ginger Flight Therapy – a small indulgence I love, it’s an aromatherapy roll-on that helps you feel zen during the flight. It has an amazing scent (here)
– Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate – I still owe you a post about facial oils – I really love them, they make my skin feel super happy and I use one almost everyday. This is my travel partner because of the mini roll on size (here)
– Clarins UV PLUS Anti-Pollution Sunscreen Multi-Protection Broad Spectrum SPF 50 – I like to have a sunscreen to apply upon arrival
– Clé de Peau Concealer + Benefit Watts Up travel size – depending on where I am going and what I’ll be doing after landing, I’ll carry a few makeup items for a little touch up. The creamy blush didn’t make it into the photo, but I love having one as well
– Bepanthene pomade – another “can’t live without” product, especially in the plane. I apply a heavy layer on my lips, a bit on my cuticles and even on my hands… It’s the only thing capable of fighting tough dryness!
– Mini Crème de la Mer – after Bepanthene, this is the most powerful and moisturising product I know so I like to have it around to moisturise the drier areas of my face and body
– Glossier Balm Dotcom – this one lives in my handbag, but I’ll transfer it to the ziplock to keep it within reach in the place. If the dryness is not that bad I use it for lips, cuticles etc. (here)
– Sisley Masque Contour des Yeux Lissant Express – one of the most potent eye moisturisers I’ve ever tried. I save it for emergencies, as it’s a bit expensive, like days I know I wont get enough sleep or… The airplane! It’s actually a mask but I apply a thinner layer and leave it during the whole flight – it magically makes you look more rested

. Compression socks – this is a tip I haven’t yet adopted for myself, but a lot of people love it so I thought including it in the post made sense ;) compression socks to avoid swollen legs… Who wears and recommends them?

I don’t have many tips for after the flight, but I think it’s important to keep a high water intake and, for the skin, to cleanse the face well – the air inside the plane is “not pure”, let’s put it this way, so it’s a nice thing to do!

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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