Simplicidade, praticidade, leveza. Produtos para a vida real.

Produtos para a vida real.

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Welcome to Dia de Beauté!



I’m so thrilled to be launching the English version of Dia de Beauté and to welcome you to my blog! But before going any further, I should probably introduce myself – my name is Victoria (but everybody calls me Vic!), I’m Brazilian and have lived in London since 2013. I’m a journalist, best-selling author, and beauty editor at Vogue Brazil.

I created the Dia de Beauté blog in 2007 (8 long years ago; time flies!). Here, I talk about beauty in a personal, light and uncomplicated way. I believe in simple gestures and easy tricks, and in the positive impact of even the slightest detail – a little makeup is better that no makeup at all, right?

I also believe a bit of self-pampering has the power to lift your mood and make your whole day better – whether you are using a wonderfully perfumed shower gel, adding an extra step to your skincare regime (face mist, face mask anyone?), or choosing the most beautiful red lipstick “just to” go to work…

Seems like a good moment to explain the name Dia de Beauté. Dia = day, in Portuguese (my native language); Beauté = beauty, in French (my favourite language). So basically day of beauty, or beauty day, and it’s an expression I invented with my childhood friends to refer to the moments spent pampering and prepping for a party or a big occasion, or that very necessary “me time”.

With Dia de Beauté, my goal has always been to inspire and encourage women to include a bit of beauty in their routines. It’s such an empowering tool – and a fun one as well.

I’ve been planning on having the blog in English since moving to London, but launching my first book last year – it’s called “Dia de Beauté: A Makeup Guide for Real Life”, currently available in Brasil and Portugal * – kind of got in the way. Luckily, my totally awesome translator Ana de Almeida had time to translate a bit of the content from the last 3 years, so I wouldn’t start the English version from scratch.

I can’t wait to share this space with you and hear your thoughts!

PS. We’re on the process of including English subtitles for TV Beauté, the videos/tutorials I do on my YouTube channel and share here. Stay tuned!

{* While the book is not available in other languages and countries, we produced an excerpt of it in English – you can click here to download the PDF}


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Hi, Vic! Congratulations on the English version of your blog! Ana does a great job translating, and the text flows nicely. I’d like to give a suggestion for improving the English subtitles on the videos. Because you have a conversational, non-linear way of speaking, translating your voice word-by-word may be a little confusing and difficult to follow for the reader. Sometimes, it’s just too many words to read :)
I’d suggest making the subtitles more like a summary of what you say. For instance, instead of writing “I decided to… Actually, I had already done some skin videos before, but I think this is a subject you’re always interested into…” I’d write something like this: “I had done some skin videos before, but this is something you’re always interested in…”
I hope this helps and I wish you much success in this new phase of your blog!!

I’m glad it was helpful. One minor typo you may want to fix is the dates on the comments. It reads “06 de april de 2016” as opposed to “April 6, 2016.” ;)

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