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Produtos para a vida real.

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Concealers from brazilian brands that readers ♥︎


When I filmed the “Crazy for concealer” video (here!), the readers shared great recommendations on the comments section – as always, by the way, I have to say I LOVE the tips you give on the “crazy for…” videos. I thought gathering the Brazilian and/or affordable ones that got the most mentions would become a nice post, so here they are:

Alta Cobertura Concealer Natura – a great option for those who want a more powerful coverage – for dark circles, spots, pimples… (here)

Velvet Concealer Contém 1g – this one was the second most mentioned concealer, perfect if you want a more powerful coverage, you only need a tiny bit for a great effect so it lasts long (here)

Anti Aging Concealer O Boticário – due to its anti-aging properties, this one is the “richest”, meaning it is ideal if you have a under eye area that needs more hydration, no matter your age (here – it seems that the packaging changed, perhaps the composition also changed?)

Flash Iluminador Concealer O Boticário – your favourite from the “illuminating concealer pen” category by a Brazilian brand. Lighter coverage, can be used under another concealer or on its own (here)

Concealer Tracta – this was the most mentioned one! Creamy, with the right amount of coverage, works well with any skin type… This Tracta concealer has had its own fan club for a while now! (here)

Concealer Quem Disse Berenice – a thinner creamy one, for lighter coverage, that allows you to build up in layers in case you need a bit more (here)

Aquarela Concealer Natura – this one is part of the creamy team, with a buildable coverage and an applicator tip like the ones from lip glosses, great for a spot on application (here)

{And as usual, please leave your tips in the comments!}

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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