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Produtos para a vida real.

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For the boys: Italo Massaru


In this section I invite some men I admire to share their skincare routine, tips and beauty secrets.

And to start, we have the creative director and my dear former colleague at Vogue Brazil, Italo Massaru. King of minimal life, he is capable of organising his vanity bag like if it was for a shooting, which obviously only makes me love him more.

“In general, people who just met me always think I am five years younger than I really am. Perhaps because not even a night without sleep gives me dark circles, and just now, close to turning thirty, I started having my (subtle) first wrinkle. The advantages of having an Asian skin… I save loads of money in concealers and anti-age creams. But since it’s not all flowers, people with yellow skin like mine have other problem: melanin. Asians have a considerable production of this substance, which explains SUCH dark hair and eyes. And although the skin tends to be light, anything (from insect bites to acne) will leave a dark spot that can take years to disappear, especially if you expose it to the sun all the time. To minimize the existing spots, I use the Clarifiant serum, by ROC. Also because of this, I became a sunscreen maniac – lately my favourite for the face is Anthelios AIRlicium, by La Roche-Posay, which has a component derived from silica gel (providing a clean skin sensation), besides having an oil-free effect. So, just its composition is enough when it comes to mattifying the T-Zone throughout the day. As for the night, the Photo Finish primer, by Smashbox, fulfils that role also in a subtle way.

However, my issue is having a combination skin, which makes me keep an eye also on the moisturising. Since I don’t enjoy the sticky feeling of some lotions and creams, especially on the body, I became a fan of the shower lotions and nowadays I have a lot of them in my shower, like Crema da Bagno, by Ada Tina. The Cold Cream lip balm, by Avène, is perfect because it moisturises without leaving a shine on the lips, so it’s always in my pocket. But when my skin gets too dry due to weather or due to the acid (tailor-made by my dermatologist) that I apply religiously, I go for Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, which guarantees a very intense hydration. At night I switch between the acid I mentioned and the TriAcnéal, by Avène, always applied after I clean my skin with a gauze (and never a cotton pad) soaked in an also tailor-made tonic.

Another issue Asian people have is the hair: yes, lots of people envy it, but the extreme thickness and the sleekness of our hair is not very useful when it comes to cool hairstyles. In my case, I tackle the issue with Moving Rubber, by Gatsby, to shape it as I want, and a bit of Osis spray, by Schwarzkopf, to keep it all in place. On the other hand, my beard is thin, so I use my electric shaver on a daily basis, which is more practical than using a razor and doesn’t irritate the skin. Last but not least, I spray a bit of Chanel Bleu (my signature fragrance) and I am ready to leave the house pretending I woke up like that. Little do women know that just because we do not wear makeup it doesn’t mean we don’t have our own beauté routines.”

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  • Sérum Clarifiant – RoC
  • Sunscreen Anthelios Airlicium – La Roche-Posay
  • Primer Primer Photo Finish – Smashbox (here)
  • Crema da Bagno – Ada Tina (here)
  • Lip balm Cold Cream – Avène
  • Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion – Clinique (here)
  • TriAcnéal – Avène
  • Moving Rubber Grunge Mat – Gatsby (here)
  • Spray Osis – Schwarzkopf (here)
  • Perfume Bleu – Chanel (here)

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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