Vlog #tourddb in Rio


I think I am – veeery slowly – evolving when it comes to vlogging! Hahah! I wanted to show you a bit of the book launch tour in a video, so I decided to film a vlog in Rio, where we began the second part of the tour (it was a repetition, we did it here already on the first part of the tour!)

There were two events, a chat + autograph signing session at Dior beauty boutique – luxury! – that had limited spots and an autograph signing night at Livraria da Travessa in BarraShopping. I hope you enjoy the video, and please send me tips so that I can get better at vlogging ;)

To download and English excerpt of the DDB book, click here

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}

{Video edition: Renata G. Corrêa}


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