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Produtos para a vida real.

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What: Illusion d’Eté
Brand: Sisley
Why: I am not someone who uses bronzing powder every time I do my makeup – I like being pale! But during summer I find it interesting to give a warmer and “tanned” finish to my skin. This Sisley cream/powder won my heart because it gives a super super natural effect, it’s one of those products that don’t really allow you to over do it. And with a bronzing powder this is something important… I apply it with a very fat brush focusing on the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. Available at Selfridges here.

What: Skin Cream
Brand: Egyptian Magic
Why: I love a multipurpose product and have been enjoying Egyptian Magic – a “not so well known beauty classic”, so to speak – quite a lot. I bought it online at Cosme-De after hearing a lot about it and seeing it on backstages – it is solide and you have to warm it up in your hands to then apply in very dry areas, cuticles, bug bites, on the lips… It’s also great to do that dewy highlighter on the skin. It’s always nice to have one of these multipurpose products at home! Also available at Cult Beauty.

What: Tan Light
Brand: Madame LALA
Why: I don’t use self tanning products that much – due to a mix of laziness with fear of going wrong and getting patchy! – but I had the chance of meeting the owner of this brand in London and was excited to try the product after getting a proper lesson… and loved it. She advised me to buy latex gloves to apply it, instead of using the gloves that come with some self tanning products, and I thought it helped me controlling where I was applying the product. The mousse texture is great and easy to spread, it doesn’t leave a weird smell and provides a very natural tan (I used the one in Light, but there is also a Normal intensity for darker results). It is available at Superdrug and Fenwick in London and on Urban Outfitters both in London and in the US.

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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