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Produtos para a vida real.

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Aesop finally arrives in Brazil


And Aesop finally arrived in Brazil with the opening of its first store tomorrow, at Oscar Freire in São Paulo. The ones who’ve been following this know that it took a while, since the prediction was that they’d wanted to open in december, but now it’s happening! I am fan, if you follow the blog you’ll know, and I am super happy with the arrival of this super special brand – based on natural ingredients but with effective results, with a packaging full of personality in a “simple but charming” style, stores that are always different from each other taking into account the city and the neighbourhood they’re in…

I shared a few of my favourite products below and the article I wrote for Vogue in December, if you want to know more about Aesop! If you want to make a visit to the shop, it will be in soft opening from tomorrow at Oscar Freire 540 (there will also be an e-commerce, which should be working soon, the website is already live here).

Some of my favourite products

Geranium Leaf Body Balm, a marvellous body balm (similar to this one there is my dearest liquid soap, Ressurection Aromatique Hand Wash, that was already featured here on loving Current Faves), Fabulous Face Oil, a facial oil I use every day in the morning, Fabulous Face Cleanser, a cleanser for sensitive/dry skin, Ginger Flight Therapy, an a romatherapy roll on to use in flights or at work, Ressurection Aromatique Hand BalmParsley Seed Cleansing Mask, a deep cleansing mask

AESOP_DEZ14Article from the December issue of Vogue, with the photo of the shop – click to read!

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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