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Produtos para a vida real.

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Dia de Beauté the book


I started writing this post to give you that basic explanation over my disappearance of DDB. And then I was writing and telling that this year I was 2 months away from home, with lots of trips and a season in São Paulo, I went back to London and the fashion week madness started already, first here in London, then in Milan and Paris, and like this it is really hard to keep a rhythm with the posts, and to make it harder I also have to write for Vogue and… I started writing my book. And then I stopped to think: my oh my, how crazy, I DIDN’T POST ON THE BLOG THAT I’M WRITING A BOOK. Simply like that! I told it on Instagram, here, and a lovely article was published on Vogue’s website, here, but – as a perfect illustration of my “completely lost” moment, I didn’t say a word here. Me, sometimes hmm..

vic livro

So the post got a new subject! Because this is one of the most amazing things I could share with you, writing a book is a lifetime dream, I didn’t think it would happen this soon, and especially not with such an incredible publisher as Paralela, a label by Companhia das Letras. It will be, naturally, about makeup, a mix between tutorials with several different columns on the subjects, tips… Really like the concept of Dia de Beauté. (Interesting moment: when I told a friend I was going to write a book and she spontaneously said “about what? Travels” hahahahaha, my integrity is great).

It will be published this year, in September, and I cannot explain how anxious/happy/excited I am about this project! Neither the amount of dedication it requires hahah – but I promise I am reorganizing myself not to leave the blog behind during this period!

Besides this, some other things I would like to mention:

. This week’s TV Beauté! I said it was late right, so it is not ready yet, but it will go live around these days, tomorrow or Saturday I think (it is inspired on the Dolce & Gabbana show that I posted about here)

. I am addicted to Snapchat! Do you use it? It’s super fun, and more relaxed that Instagram… Follow me there too, @viceridono. I can even disappear from the blog, but on Insta and Snap I am always present ;)

To download and English excerpt of the DDB book, click here

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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