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Produtos para a vida real.

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Absolute inspiration: Dolce & Gabbana


I even feel a bit repetitive writing this post, because every season the story is the same: I fall in love by the Dolce & Gabbana beauty. I love it because it’s always makeup and hair that make the girls look beautiful, but with such simplicity… Skin illuminated just on the right measure, soft blush, discrete eyeliner, the kind that just boosts the eye – as if it was there to embellish, and not to scream “hi I am the eyeliner”, if you get what I mean… And, on the case of this last show, which took place two weeks ago in Milan, a gorgeous red lipstick OR an also gorgeous nude lip!

For the hair, romantic updos, not rigid at all, parted on the middle and beautifuuuuul hair accessories – on the day after the show, I had the chance to see all the tiaras, brooches and the rest at their showroom and I was drooling on them.

Here, some of the photos to inspire you:

dolce5This first photo is from Pat McGrath’s Instagram, she always does the beauty for Dolce – Gigi Hadid and Karlie looking so pretty… The truth is that this is a makeup that suits all women, from all ethnicities and with any face/eye shape – the ideais really to enhance, so there is a soft brown smokey eye, this line that goes from the middle of the eyelid to the outer corner, beige eye pencil on the waterline, light eyeshadow on the internal corner, slightly defined brows and, for the lips, the nude (I read that Pat used the Dolce Classic Cream Lipstick in Antique Rose, but I didn’t find it on their website, maybe it’s a new product) or red lipstick (she used the new Dolce Matte, aline of matte & red lipsticks, and she chose the shade that looked better in each of the girls. I want it, actually, all shades can be see here on the brand’s website)

dolceA close-up of Gigi – you can really see the details of the makeup, I would say it has some false lashes on the external corner of the eye, but in a very discrete way like all the rest

Beautiful hair accessories

The red lipstick version of the makeup

dolce6Another gorgeous accessory – and I LOVE this kind of updo, kind of relaxed and not perfect

More accessories…

dolce3…and another one with a tiara and the makeup!

dolce acessoriosTo end the post, a bit of what we saw at the showroom on the day Vogue visited! Barbara Migliori and I testing the jewel-encrusted headphones, that is simply genius – and that will be sold, imagine! The tiaras, a bit (hahaha) more basic than the headphones – this green I tried on is on the top of my wish list, and the phone cases that are also beautiful and a wish.

I did film this Wednesday’s TV Beauté yet (I am late, these fashion weeks mess up my schedule!), but I am so in ♥ for Dolce’s makeup that I think I will try to do my own version on video! What do you think? With the red lipstick, of course… Hehehe!

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}

(Photos: Dolce & Gabbana, Instagram Pat McGrath, Camila Guerreiro and me)


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