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Foundations: more versatile and more festive


Continuing the “summary” on foundations… I spoke about the lighter ones that I love here, and now there are two more categories to complete: the more versatile and the more festive! (Reminding that there is a super complete post about foundations for oily skin, according to you my readers, here)

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For the more versatile ones the criterion was: that foundation that goes well for day and night, in more casual or more festive occasions, makes the skin looking gorgeous, but with a medium coverage (that can be even lighter if you mix it with a moisturizer, or heavier if you apply several layers)… Basically, these are foundations that I choose to take on a trip when there is only space for 1 option!

And for the more festive, I chose the foundations I usually wear at night, that have more coverage, a finish more… of a foundation, if you know what I mean. They make your skin look incredible, but in a way that during the day I think it looks a bit too heavy – reviews below!

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+ versáteis
Face Fabric in 2 – Armani
It has an incredible texture that looks like velvet (the name is not a coincidence!), very good to apply with the fingers, looks very natural, like a second skin, and with a more matte finish.

HD in 117 – Make Up For Ever
This is the foundation I wore on the day of my first wedding (for the second day I chose Teint Miracle, that is below). The makeup artists love this one, but the “real” girls who do their own makeup also love it, and it’s usually one of those I recommend when a person who doesn’t have any foundation asks me for help – and precisely for being so versatile, following those points I stated above!

Liquid Halo in 1 – Smashbox
It’s one of the newest in my collection, I got it when it was launched in Brazil around May, and it became a favorite immediately – I love its more luminous finish (for the ones with oily skin, a bit of powder does the trick) and it has just the right amount of coverage. I used it on my sister for her wedding, and she hates heavy foundations, and it looked great.

Aqua Foundation in PK-1 – Koh Gen Do
This one is a bit lighter than the two above, but another favorite of mine that usually travels with me – it’s very in between, medium coverage, not too matte nor too luminous, but it never leaves the skin looking like you are wearing a mask.

Perfection Lumière in 12 Beige Rosé – Chanel
I would say that this one has a bit more coverage than its “colleagues” from this category, but you can make a lighter layer, using less product and spreading it better, or using the trick of mixing it up with a bit of moisturizer to dilute it, so it will go very well to wear during the day. And for the night it is wonderful!

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+ festivas
Genius Gel in 38 Beige Deep – Marc Jacobs
I  love  the  texture  of  this  foundation  –  as  the  name  say s,  it  has  a  gel  texture,  a  very  modern formula. besides giving more coverage, it is a bit darker than my skin tone, so I really like to wear  it  at  night,  when  this  is not  so  evident  and  I take advantage  not to  look  so  much  like  a ghost!

Traceless Foundation in Pale Dune – Tom Ford
I confess that the main reason for this one to be class ified as “festive” is because this one is pure luxury, as any other Tom Ford makeup product! Hahah! And I am for saving a few products to use in special occasions… I wear it a lot for weddings, and I love the rich skin effect, without looking too heavy.

Teint Miracle in 2 – Lancôme
The other one I used at my wedding, on the day of the party. It’s one of my lifetime favorites, I really like the radiant luminous effect of a well treated skin it gives – for the ones with an oily skin, it’s worth applying a bit of powder, but without covering it all: remember that a radiant skin is not a synonym of an oily skin and leave, at least, the cheeks/temple without powder!

Le Teint Touche Éclat in BR 20 – Yves Saint Laurent
By  now  you  already  noticed  that  I  tend  to  love  the  foundations  with  a  luminous  finish  –  so imagine if there was a way I wouldn’t fall for this one on the moment it was launched, simply the foundation version of the mythical-illuminator-concealer Touche Éclat… Mega festive, it has a more obvious coverage, and it’s the chosen one when my skin is rebel and needs to look great.

Forever in 020 – Dior
I think this is the only one on the whole list that is also in the post with the best foundations for oily  skin,  right?  In  any  case,  I  like  it  a  lot,  especially  when  the  weather  is  warmer  or  if  I’m feeling like a more matte skin – and it holds quite well, not to mention the smell of Dior makeup, that I love.

What about you, which ones do you like for each category?

(On the lip balms video, several girls asked for a random video on foundations – maybe I can gather a few from this post with a few lighter ones and do it? Or is it too much?)

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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