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Produtos para a vida real.

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What: Amino Acid Shampoo
Brand: Kiehl’s
Why: This is one of my favourite shampoos ever – cleans well, doesn’t leave the hair super dry (for those with “permanently damaged” hair like me, this is important) and has a coconut fragrance that I love! It had been a while since I wore it, not having replaced my last one when it was over, but after filming a “favourite hair products” video recently (here), I realised I was missing it, so re-purchased and started using it again… Of course it went right back into the group of products I’m loving right now! Available here.

What: Moringa Body Milk
Brand: The Body Shop
Why: The Body Shop is finally launching in Brazil! I wrote a super special article about the brand and long awaited arrival for Vogue Brazil in October, for which I got the chance to visit their headquarters in the UK, such a nice experience, and interview many interesting people. For today’s “Vic loves” I chose one of my favourite ever The Body Shop products, the Moringa Body Milk, a spray that dispenses a light textured lotion with delicious fragrance. In general I really recommend their body lotions, body butters, shower gels and lip balms as well, all great purchases! Available here.

What: Dual Intensity Eyeshadow
Brand: Nars
Why: I am a huge fan of this new generation of eyeshadows that are a hybrid between a powder and a cream, that can be applied with your finger (very practical) as a creamy eyeshadow, but dries like a powder and doesn’t crease or move. They can have amazing shimmer (love) and work quite well when mixed with “normal” powder eyeshadows – I like to wear darker shades below a powder one, for a long lasting effect, or on top, for a touch of color, and the lighter shades to highlight or give that glittery touch in the end. I am in love with the new Nars Dual Intensity, that are just like that, with “magical” texture and gorgeous shades  – I particularly like Callisto, a super sparkly light rosé, and Subra, a les glittery burgundy shade, great for a bold smoky eye that doesn’t need to be black or brown. Available here.

Article about Body Shop for Vogue Brazil’s October issue:


{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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