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Produtos para a vida real.

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#camievictakeSP episodes 1 and 2


How mice to be “back” at the blog with 2 episodes of #camievictakeSP already! The ones who follow me on Instagram (@vicceridono) must have see t hat, after “taking” Paris, London and Pernambuco, the new season of the reality show I film with Cami Coutinho would be in São Paulo during SPFW. I was really abducted during this week, hence the lack of posts, but I already have two videos to share, yuppie

We loved filming this season here – I’m just sorry there was no time for a meet up, the schedule
was crazy, but we did have the chance to meet so many nice readers at SPFW and it was great. I
hope you enjoy it! Ah, after posting all videos (we’ll have 5 in total) I’ll tell about the makeup I brought to this season, I didn’t diversified to much as you will notice – this time I thought it would be better to focus on being practical, cause the time was not enough to elaborate

EP 01 – there is lunch at home, Animale and Pat Bo shows, Euro launch, Melissa exhibition

Lipstick in Damn Glamorous – MAC
Shoulder Dress
Valentino Shoes
Céline Bag
Gucci Sunglasses

EP 02 – there is Reinaldo Lourenço shoe (+ backstage with Fabi Gomes), Lolitta show and Colcci backstage + show – with a Gisele Bundchen cameo after #hot
camievictakesp 2

Zara Set
Valentino Flats
Chanel Bag
Retrosuperfuture Sunglasses
Vintage Earrings and Bracelet
(the lipstick Cami is wearing with her second look is MAC Fashion Revival, several girls asked!)

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}

{Film crew and edition: Hick Duarte}


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