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Produtos para a vida real.

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I get asked a lot for tips on what products to buy, the launches, buying when travelling etc. And even though it’s impossible to do a “one fits all” list, I thought it was a good idea to share my own wishlist… And inspire you to create your own, it’s a good way of not getting lost when you go shopping! This one I did it before going to New York, so already bought a few things there – they’ll be showing here anytime soon.

Fusion Ink Foundation – Yves Saint Laurent 
Besides its NASA inspired technology (I am the kind of girl who gets impressed with this kind of information) to achieve the promise of remaining intact on the skin for 24h, before being launched in England, on the 10th of August, this new YSL foundation had already a waiting list with 12 thousand names on it… Enough to make me very curious to try it! Has any of you tried it already?

The Creamy Glow Duo – Kevyn Aucoin 
I loooove a contour kit (so much, notice, that there are two in my wish list). This one by Kevyn got it for being a creamy version, and I don’t know many with this texture besides the Shade and Illuminate palette by Tom Ford, which is a bit expensive… So a good alternative. On Tom Ford one, the lighter shade is a more highlighting cream, whereas on this one it seems to have a more subtle effect. I love all the Kevyn products I ever used, and that also adds bonus points. In London you can find it at any Space NK, in NY you can find it at Barneys.

Naked Body Balm – Urban Decay 
Oops, I got the wrong photo for this products… This is the BB for the face, the one I am wishing is actually the BB for the body!! It’s that kind of product that enhances the body, I’m a bit obsessed by them lately (hence the last Vic Loves… post). This Urban Decay one has a “neutral” brown shade, the kind that would leave my ghosty skin slightly tanned while highlighting darker skins, as well as evening out the skin and concealing veins, marks etc. It’s a very good trick to use on your arms and bare legs on a party day!

Artist Shadow – Make Up For Ever
When a brand “stops it all” to launch a whole new collection of a basic products like an eyeshadow, I always think it’s worth to keep an eye on it – especially because it usually involves adding modern technologies. Make Up For Ever is famous for its super pigmented products and huge shade range, and with the new eyeshadows it wasn’t any different (there are 210 options!!). They have a powder but buttery texture that glides well and lasts a long time and can be bought individually or in palettes you can create yourself. I bought 3 shades at Sephora in New York and am looking forward to trying them.

Mechanical Gel Liner – Hourglass
This is, according to Hourglass’ ad, the eyeliner/pencil with the thinnest tip in the market! Ok, it got me, because I love making a super thin line, the “fake eyeliner” I mention in some TV Beauté videos… In fact, I bought it at Sephora and was amazed with how thin the tip is, it almost looks like a 0.5mm mechanical pencil (high school feelings). I didn’t use it yet – I always do a few makeup detox days after fashion weeks!! – but it will certainly show up around here soon. In London you can find it at the bigger Space NK stores.

Perversion Mascara – Urban Decay
Another product that made it to the list “only” because I love everything I’ve tried from its brand… And I never used an Urban Decay mascara! I was very curious to try this one, that promises super volume and it’s from the family of the Perversion eye pencil, super black – sounds promising!

Contour Kit – Smashbox
The other contour kit that made the list, this time in a powder version. It comes with three shades of matte blushes – a beige, to highlight/illuminate, and two browns, one more intense to define and a medium one that I guess is great to soften and complement the contour as well as give a soft tan all over. Coming with a flat brush adds bonus points!. You find it for sale at Sephora in the US and at big Boots in London.

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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