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Produtos para a vida real.

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Beauté em Pernambuco


Did you follow the shooting of #camievictakePE through my Instagram? People, it was so much fun, I can hardly wait for the first episode to come out! (It will be released on Monday, the 1st of September, I’ll post it here). Meanwhile, I take the chance to tell you a bit about some “beauté moments” that happened during the shooting in more detail – products I took with me, things I loved to wear etc!

beaute em pe

. I am actually  learning  how to travel with a  light beauty  bag, but since we were going to befilming, I had to exaggerate a bit right? And as I commented already around here, every time I arrive in a hotel I immediately need to organize my products – it’s almost like OCD, I hate to leave them in the beauty bad, I need to have everything reachable by hand. So I “exhibit” them where I can, usually on the sink and, if there is not enough space for everything, on some table I have in the room. I also put the brushes in a cup and mascaras, pencils and so in another one, I think  it  makes  it  easier  when  it  comes  to  applying  makeup  (we’re  always  in  a  rush  when traveling right? Who spends a thousand hours doing makeup!). This green tin that was a hit on Instagram is one of the super cute Christmas kits by Benefit, it was already launched in London – I got the one with blushes and loved it, there are 8 shades of those blushes in a box that I love. The package is not compact, but it ends up being practical for a trip – like any other palette!

. On my beach kit there are sunscreens with several different SPF, because I end up lending them to  friends!  This  time  I  took:  Sun  Beauty  Tan  Optimizer  SPF 15,  Lancaster;  Monoi  Oil  SPF 15, Soleil des Iles; Posto Protect SPF 30, Sol de Janeiro; Sun Fresh SPF 60, Neutrogena; Minesol Serum SPF 30, Roc; Physical Fusion SPF 50, Skinceuticals.

. For the beach makeup: I don’t usually use a lot of products, buuuuuut we were filming and I need  to  look  minimally  presentable  on  camera!  Hahah  so  I  used:  Bronze  Goddess  Liquid Bronzer, Estée Lauder (a fluid that leaves the skin lightly tanned); Le Blush Crème in Affinité, Chanel (pink creamy blush); Sport Waterproof Mascara, Eyeko; and LolliBalm, Benefit, for the lips

.  Two  hair  accessories  I  loved  wearing:  an  Isolda  scrunchie  and  this  Topshop  hair  crown  (I bought  it  in  London  before  traveling),  that  totally  matched  the  luau-dinner  party  at  Nannai. Detail: on the day of the scrunchie. photo, in this amazing sunset, we went on a boat trip that had even a stop for a clay bath!!! But that I leave to show on video… Super!

. My current favorite lipstick, a total hit here and there – everyone asks about the shade! – it’s a cold pink, a bit to the purple, called Silvia. It’s from the brand new Audacious lipstick line by Nars. I’ll write a more detailed post about them soon! The other day I wore it, still in London, in a photo that my husband posted on Instagram (the one with the green dress), but I couldn’t talk about  it  yet  because  it  was  embargoed  hahah  love  it.  And  it  even  matched  the  nail  polish  in Mirage by Dior, another shade I’ve been loving a lot…

. Tips for makeup under hot weather like in Pernambuco: looots of girls asked me to talk about what I was doing to keep the makeup from melting and so on, but people I swear that my skin is very obedient and I didn’t change much from what I normally do!! The difference was really just applying powder on the T-zone, something I don’t always use, and not to go for heavy makeup during the day – basically I alternated between a cat eye and bold  lipsticks. But here is a post with tips for makeup under hot weather, a post about the best foundations for oily skin, and a post with general tips for oily skin, that can help! But I promise to also make a video about this subject soon ;)

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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