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Produtos para a vida real.

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Emmy favorites + @diadebeaute!


How many red carpets this week! Yesterday there were the Emmys, so here are my  favorite hairstyles and makeups of the night – with the photos that get bigger as usual.

But  before  starting,  I  wanted  to  share  something  new  with  you,  the  @diadebeaute-  it’s  an Instagram account I created to post photos of beauty inspiration, an easier and more portable, let’s say it like this, way to carry the enormous amount of photos from the red carpets that we have here on the blog! Even I get a bit lost when I go to the salon and ask for a hairstyle, or when I want a quick idea for a makeup, and have to browse a thousand posts on the blog… I thought it could be useful for a lot of people. I wait for you there too!

michelle dI wanna wear Michelle Dockery Lady Mary’s updo right now – parted on the middle and not very close to the scalp, volume and beautifuuuul low bun. As for the makeup, eyeliner and very simple on the rest

michelle d 1The hairstyle from the back, wonderful bun and I loved the accessory!

jessica pareJessica Paré’s updo is similar to Michelle’s, but a bit more classic and “well behaved”… It has volume and a low bun, but it is parted on the side and the hair is more well done and closer to the scalp. A soft makeup in pink shades that was pretty without looking heavy

claire danesClaire  Danes  had  red  lipstick  matching  her  dress  and  necklace (it’s  still  a  doubt that  comes around often, if it has to match, or if it’s bad to match! I say no and no, it’s a valid option that can go super well like in her case!). For the hair, low bun with loose sections on the front and a slight volume on the top

januaryJanuary Jones also had a bright lipstick, but hers is more of an orange red, with eyeliner on her eyes  and  an  updo  that  leaves  the  bangs  down  (I  love  seeing  girls  with  bangs  and  hair  up!)

julia rI think Julia Roberts is wonderful! And with this smile, you really don’t need anything else… love it! (The blond is also gorgeous)

kerryKerry  Washington’s  eyeshadow  is  in  a  gorgeous  color,  no? A  shimmery  jewel  blue,  with  a darker blue contour also… I found it beautiful, great inspiration for women with darker skin – or not!

sarah hylandI always love it when someone has a high and full bun l ike Sarah Hyland’s! The makeup is also pretty, a not so dark smokey eye with eyeshadows in shades of brown and gold 

(Photos: Getty Images)

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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