The Louboutin nail polishes (with video!)


To be able to attend the launching of Christian Louboutin’s beauty line was, without a doubt, one of  the  nicest experiences  I’ve  ever  had  as  a  beauty  journalist.  I  went  to  Paris  for  the  event representing  Vogue  and wrote  an  article  that  I LOVED  to  do and  that  was  published  in  the August issue – I added it below for the ones who want to read it!

esmalteHow cute is he?

The first Louboutin Beauté product is a red nail polish with the most absurd bottle of all times, which is already for sale in the US and in Europe. In September, his “brothers” will arrive, 30 shades divided into 3 families – the Nudes, the Pops and the Noirs – and the line will continue to grow (they didn’t reveal which category comes next, but I bet it will be makeup, starting with a red lipstick!).

We  had the chance to try the red nail polish on the press trip to Paris and I was super well impressed  by  its  quality –  mega  pigmented,  shiny  and  long  lasting.  I  did  my  nails  with  a manicure, but before that at the presentation event I already applied it all by myself because I wanted to test it… It seems crazy, but this enormous and pointy cap super works hahah! They thought about a calligraphy pen, and did a study for its weight and so on.

paris louboutinA bit of the press trip!

To finish, I even had the chance to interview Louboutin in a video for Vogue – I loved it because you can see super well all the nail polishes… And he tells lots of nice things. Here is the video, I hope you enjoy it!!

And here is the article – simply click it to make it bigger and read


{Translated by Ana de Almeida}

{Video direction: Camila Guerreiro @studiocamilaguerreiro}


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