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Produtos para a vida real.

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Teen Choice Awards favorites


Sunday  there  were  the  Teen  Choice  Awards  and  here  are my  favorites  –  great  inspirations  for younger girls, or not so young really!

453457368I thought that Kendall Jenner’s makeup was beautiful! Super lashes, with individual false lashes, and  light  eyeshadow  illuminating  all  the  eyelid  and  the internal  “v” corner  +  well  defined eyebrows. Perfect skin and pink gloss on the lips – this light wetter gloss look hasn’t been around much right, I thought it looked great and now I feel like wearing it haha. And the hair with a wet effect combed back, very modern

453460558Another makeup I loved was Hilary Duff’s, with very bold lashes and a touch of shimmery grey eyeshadow  close  to the  bottom  lashes  giving  a  pretty  effect!  Blush  showing  a  bit  more,  pink lipstick and haircut that I also really liked and “straigh t with emotion” texture

453460480Nina Dobrev with a side braid that was a success and a classic smokey eye and lots of mascara

453460706Hailee Steinfeld with a dark smokey eye that follows the kitten flick and a cute pink lipstick

453460562Taylor Swift had a cute and summery coral lipstick and, on her eyes, a black eyeliner op top with a purple eye pencil on the bottom

Chloe Moretz with a very soft brown smokey eye

453458248Selena Gomez had a more defined cat eye, with a touch also on the bottom, and defined creased. On the hair, low pony tail parted on the middle

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{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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