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Produtos para a vida real.

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Creat your own mini salon!


I am the first wanting to go to the salon when I have an event, but let’s all agree that it’s crucial to be self-sufficient when it comes to doing your own hair right? Because, well, sometimes you cannot make it to the salon, and this cannot be a reason for you to go out looking the same all the time!

I did a small list with interesting items to have at home so that you can “handle” your hair – straighten it, curl it, tie it, give some texture to it… like a mini private salon!


. Hair Dryer
. Curling Iron in a medium size
. Flat Iron
. Round Brush – one of those for a blow-dry, it’s not in the picture!
. Fine Tooth Comb – to tease the hair, to section the hair with precision or to comb the hair very close to the scalp
. Hair Spray – very important. It controls flying hair and does any hairdo stay put and last all night long
. Texturizing Products – like wax, paste, sea salt spray, spray wax, volumizing spray… You can notice that it is way more difficult to do a hairdo with very straight or very moisturized hair because it doesn’t last, so in this case a bit of texture helps… not to mention it also gives a more modern touch to the hairdo
. Bobby Pins – super important, to tie up the hair in a thousand ways
. Hair Elastics – I like the silicone small ones, that hold the hair well and don’t slip
. Accessories like Bumpits and donuts, nice and practical things to help you with buns
. Hair Extensions – since I have short hair these are crucial, but I would say that everyone could benefit from having one, to make the bun fuller or to do a side braid or a braided tiara

All the girls killing it on the auto-hairstyle!

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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