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Nicola Peltz em: the power of the details


Do you know when you like to do always the same makeup and the same hairstyles? I am a bit like that – there are people who find it boring or not creative, but I think it’s all a matter of “finding yourself” in certain looks!

It’s true that, in my case, maybe it’s all due to the lack of time to try new ideas… but I know a lot of people who look always more or less the same and love it, they feel safe! And that’s why I like to stress this out: little details have lots of power. You change something in your makeup or your hair and, without leaving your “safe recipe”, you change your look.

I’ve been enjoying to follow the actress Nicola Peltz through the Transformers premieres: she is a total inspiration in this matter!! I selected a few of her moments for you to get inspired as well

nicola 10
A loose hairstyle that is not just another loose hairstyle: very sleek, parted on the side and the front pulled behind the ear. And a gorgeous eyeliner!

nicola 9
A close-up of the amazing eyeliner! I loved it

nicola 3
I simply loved this hairstyle, great inspiration for loose hairstyles “with emotion”… The front is tight and goes behind the ears, the hair is polished and with the ends lightly curled

nicola 4
For the makeup, the cat eye she loves, but in a more rocky version with the wing coming also from the bottom (it’s so simple to transform a 60s cat eye in a rocker version right?)

Eyeliner + loose hairstyle with a 90s pompadour (that is super hot right now, in a “I threw my hair to the side” style)

nicola 11
Loose hairstyle with medium defined waves and a bit more volume

nicola 7
The photo is out of focus, but this eye is very pretty! It’s some kind of an inverted smokey eye, with the lower part of the eyes darker, lots of mascara, soft eyelid and golden shimmer on the internal corner of the eye. And the hair is another version of the loose hairstyle, no waves, but with texture and volume

nicola 5
Another option of a loose hairstyle: with more defined waves and with a beach vibe

nicola 6
And another cat eye option! This time done with eyeshadow, less graphic, and in a gorgeous wine shade – you can also see that there is a touch of gold in the centre, and notice how it starts softly and intensifies in the end

nicola 2
Classic brown smokey eye, but highlighted with a bit of glitter, and voluminous hair with soft waves

nicola 8
For the premiere at Rio, high bun with a messy look and light makeup with a not so defined eye and stained lips

nicola 12
And to end, one with red lipstick! You can notice she doesn’t wear bright lipsticks much right, but I also loved it (the photos were not so good, but you can get an idea)

(Photos: Getty Images)

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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