Simplicidade, praticidade, leveza. Produtos para a vida real.

Produtos para a vida real.

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Express inspiration: simple and beautiful eyes


I fell in love with this makeup from the Autumn collection campaign of Clarins. I want to copy it now! Simple, but beautiful. And don’t focus on her blue eyes people, let’s forget this detail because it will look good with any eye color!

I love this kind of makeup that involves a soft and neutral smokey eye – in this case in brown and pinkish shades – and a very defined black contour, but really ooooonly on the contour, without an eyeliner or a smudged line you know? Good inspiration for the weekend!

Close-up on the eyes. The eyeshadows used were the new creamy ones by Clarins (Ombre Matte in 4 Rosewood and in 6 Earth), just released here in Europe – I don’t have them, but I will try to copy with something similar, and if looks good I will show you later heheh.

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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