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Produtos para a vida real.

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What: Brush
Brand: Tangle Teezer
Why: I fell in love for the Tangle Teezer brush. I didn’t use to really care about brushes, so it took me a while to understand what the buzz was all about… But after I tried it, I got it – the brush is very anatomic and has a nice grab, and oh my the way it massages the scalp… it’s almost addictive. It’s a hit here in England (I’ve read that even Catherine Middleton uses it…) and gets a lot of good reviews over its ability to detangle the hair – my hair doesn’t get tangled a lot, but still I love it – the leopard print on my does earn extra points. Available at Feel Unique.

What: Nude nail polish
Brand: Risqué
Why: By Barbie hands I mean: nude nails that complement your skin tone perfectly, making them look like an extension of your fingers for a chic and minimalist look. Might not be the easiest shade to find, but it’s definitely worth looking for your match. One of my favourites is the Nude shade from Brazilian nail polish brand Risqué (check it out if you ever visit the country!), that I sometimes wear for weeks in a row – a rare thing since I love to change my nail polish weekly and tend to go for different colours. That’s what happen when you find the one! Available on local drugstores like DrogaRaia.

What: Air-Lite
Brand: Legology
Why: Confession: I am lazy when it comes to applying body lotion… But once in a while I come across products that are so gorgeous I feel like applying it non-stop. Definitely the case with Legology Air-Lite, instant love since the first spread… It has a marvellous texture, dense and soft at the same time, like a creamy gel that absorbs quickly, and a pleasant cooling effect that helps activates the circulation, leaving your legs looking and feeling better overall – not to mention the citric smell that makes me want to drink it. The idea of its creator, British beauty editor Kate Shapland, was to make a product that treated and improved the whole appearance of the legs, instead of being just a normal moisturiser or a targeted treatment – I became a fan and no longer wear a dress or a skirt without applying Legology before. Available at Liberty in London and Net-a-Porter.

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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